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How to set the record length undefined for all clips while keeping the length quantization.

What are the settings so it’s always you who decide the record length for a clip because it may differ from one clip to another. You don’t have to set the length in advance, the recording stops when you do the gesture, but of course you keep the length quantization. I’m sorry to ask such a beginner question, thank you for your help !


  • See the Count Out settings and turn of Auto Count Out.

    If you want no quantization turn count out to none. If you want loops to be a multiple of the clock cycle, set master. Or set custom if you want some different count out quantization. There is helpful info about the options in the manual and on the wiki.

  • Thank you ! This is exactly what I was searching. I tried count out quantization and it was not satisfying but didn’t tried the auto count out. This was driving me mad not finding the settings for such a basic feature ! Thanks again

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