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Request: A dedicated Audiobus Desktop forum

I'm creating this topic for requesting a dedicated desktop production forum in Audiobus, but also for knowing the opinion of other users, of how valuable this can be.

The thing is that iOS devices have demonstrated that they can be powerful tools for musical production, without relying in a computer.

But iPads are also amazing devices for working in conjunction with your desktop setup, with an unlimited array of options.

With Studiomux you can perfectly integrate your computer with iOS devices, going as far as to use your desktop DAW in conjunction with AUM for sequencing and producing complex tracks using automation or a timeline.

There are excellent iOS MIDI controllers that can bring an affordable way of adding MPE functions to your DAW.

If you use a Mac, with Sidecar you can use your iPad as a second tactile screen for controlling your DAW, or visualizing dedicated mixer controls.

There are great dedicated apps for controlling your DAW, from Touchable for controlling Ableton Live, to Logic Remote. And if Bitwig is your main DAW, you can setup an OSC server from your computer.

Of course, a lot of the topics about integrating a desktop with iOS devices can fit in the General App Discussion forum.

But there is a reality that I have experienced myself. My first introduction to music production was with an iOS device the last spring. Since then, I have learned a lot. Now I consider myself an intermediate user. And a lot of this learning has been thanks to this forum, and how helpful, generous and supportive its members are.

In the last months I jumped to desktop, as many users in this forum have jumped before.

While there are a lot of dedicated desktop forums like KVR, I have found that the ambient is much more toxic and less polite.

And at the same time, a lot of my questions regarding desktop production come from my previous iOS mileage. What are the equivalent desktop apps for some of my favorite iOS apps?

Also, to have all the topics related with desktop production in a separated sub-forum has the advantage that if you don't carte about desktop and are 100% into iOS devices, you can simply don't subscribe to this.

And let's not forget that the Audiobus forum was originally intended as a forum related with one of of @Michael apps.

In the near future, we will have a fully functional version of Loopy Pro for Mac.

At the same time, AUM, other of the most emblematic iOS apps, seems to be planned for Mac.

And with the new Apple Silicon Macs, it's common to have universal apps that work on iOS and Mac. And the developers of these apps tend to use the Audiobus forum to give support to their users.

So what do you think?


  • How about a Desktop category in this forum? All desktop related questions/suggestions could be there.

  • I may not use a desktop, but this would be a valuable resource for those who do use a desktop, whether they use an iPad in conjunction with a desktop, or not. :) @Michael can you make this happen please?

  • …and a laptop one

  • @Deskscape said:
    How about a Desktop category in this forum? All desktop related questions/suggestions could be there.

    Yeah, that's the idea, a category inside this forum. In this way, all the desktop content doesn't end in the offtopic section.

    And at the same time, it makes more easy to ignore the desktop content to those only interested in iOS.

  • I would really enjoy this… as I have recently bought a MacBook Air and am severely getting hooked on Logic!!!!!!!

  • I’m pondering adding a Loopy Pro category as well, but have been shying away from it as it feels a little… Something, I don’t know. Overbearing, perhaps.

  • It’s not... it deserves a dedicated shelf.

  • Great idea ! But why does it say for making music on a Mac. What about us poor Windows user?

  • @Pynchon said:
    Thanks, @Michael !


  • edited January 19

    @Deskscape said:
    How about a Desktop category in this forum? All desktop related questions/suggestions could be there.

    That is probably more practical. But sounds like a good idea either way.

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