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[Solved] Arturia Keystep - can I assign the knobs as MIDI controls?

I have a Keystep 37 that I'm using with AUM. Is it possible to assign the knobs as MIDI controls to adjust parameters such as volume? I've tried going into AUM and learning the knob but it doesn't seem to see any MIDI values changing when I turn the knobs.


  • McDMcD
    edited January 17

    Is the Keystep assigned to MIDI Control in the MIDI Matrix?

  • Boom! That was the problem! Thanks McD!

  • @ljholland said:
    Boom! That was the problem! Thanks McD!

    I'm so glad it was that single issue... troubleshooting MIDI usually involves using something like MIDI Spy, MIDi Wrench or some other observability tool and in many cases it's beyond so many to set it up. I have been frustrated to troubleshoot CC events since MIDI Spy seemed to not report them and yet I was pretty sure they were flowing through.

    AUM's MIDI feature set really helps...even if @j_liljedahl cautiously declines to make AUM accept a MIDI slave role. I'm sure he knows why this would be folly for an AUv3 host. I'm just glad I can point Piano Motifs, Xequence 2, Limbeats Apps or Gadget at AUM and everything seems to work. It even has great support for Bluetooth MIDI connections and IDAM.

    Mastering the MIDI matrix routing is key to most connectivity issues and the CC to AUv3 parameters is really well done.

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