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DigiStix : problem when saving busses configuration… such a waist of time doing it for each kit …

Maybe I’m missing something but after I set the busses output for my tracks in DigiStix, I save my kit (after I made a copy because there no « save as »), but when I reopen it the tracks are all set to bus 1, DigiStix didn’t save my settings.
I would really like to find a way to do this because when I’m in a multitrack session and I want to find the right kit, each time I open a new kit I have to make all the busses affectation again, it’s such a waist of time… If the kits could be saved with their busses settings, I would make a bank just for multitrack sessions and save a version of all my kits in it, that would be helpful…
So, I’m I missing something in the saving process ? And if it’s definitely not possible what would you recommend ? Thank you for your your help !


  • I just tested this in AUM and it was working here.. using DigiStix 1

    • Copy a default bank kit to a user bank
    • Switch to that user bank kit
    • Set output busses for that kit
    • Save drumkit

    If you make changes in the default bank kit and then copy + save, it won’t recall your output settings..
    Copy the kit first, then set outputs, then save..

    What would be really cool would be to have an optional global output setting.. set all your outputs here once (on one kit) + then every kit would follow that setting.. would make auditioning kits with multi-out a breeze.. or somehow copy output settings from one kit to another..

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