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Cubasis popup ads

Now I’m seeing popup ads in Cubasis? Really? @LFS


  • Happy New year!!

  • I'm not seeing any adds?
    Maybe it's because I already have all the IAPs?!

  • edited January 15

    …and they stopped. Weird… or thanks musikeer!

    (Edit: oh maybe it stopped because I browsed through the store)

  • edited January 15

    @Samu said:
    I'm not seeing any adds?
    Maybe it's because I already have all the IAPs?!

    I have all IAPs except for Waves Tune… and just got the same popups while browsing the store… Cubasis 2

    Red “SALE” button in the store. Tapping it also opens the popups immediately. Not good nor needed. @LFS

  • Yeah, kinda annoying.

    Cubasis is currently on sale which is why you’re getting pop-ups. I’m pretty sure the ads will stop when the sale ends.

  • To be honest there are 'worse' apps when it comes to constantly popping up the red badges for sales and news...
    ...all the Ampify apps suffer from this, Launchpad, Groovebox and and Blocs Wave.

    The Cubasis badge also disappears after being tapped once and doesn't pop up again until the next sale...
    ...doesn't bother me one bit to be totally honest and it's not worth wasting any energy on...

  • Definitely not a deal killer, Samu. Cubasis is a wonder, so it’s a little entitled even to nitpik. Just a weird out of the ordinary occurrence…

    edited January 18

    Hi all,

    In the past we've recieved some complaints of users who have missed the sales promos.
    That's the reason why we do show the pop-ups when launching Cubasis.

    To get around this permanently, quickly and easily, simply tap on the pop-up once.
    Once done, the pop-ups no longer appear afterwards.

    As mentioned by Samu above, the percentage graphic on the shop badge also disappears when the button is tapped once.

    Hope that helps!

    Stay safe
    & best wishes,

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