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Motu 2 midi / Roland A 800 pro keyboard / AUM

edited January 15 in General App Discussion

I just got a Motu 2 audio interface, hooked up the midi din from my Roland A pro, and routed midi in AUM from the Motu to Drambo.

Problem: while the routing matrix looks like it should work, I get no sound out of Drambo

Weird thing: The routing matrix shows a very busy blinking light above the Motu. When I look in Midi Wrench, there is a very busy stream of active sensing messages that go away when I pull out the midi din from the a pro.

Any ideas on how to fix? Thanks!


  • If you can‘t switch off Active Sensing at the keyboard, use a midi filter to eliminate it.
    It‘s a constant source of trouble and useless in today‘s typical setups.

  • You can use the MIDI Monitor module in Drambo to confirm that notes are reaching it. I just tried this, using ZOA as AUv3 in AUM, driving Drambo stand-alone. The correct port in Drambo is the port named "Drambo". This is surprising since most apps use a different name for their Virtual MIDI ports. Check that "Receives MIDI" "Active Track" setting; it can trip you up.

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