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is Google Chrome ok to install on iPad?

I have an iPad Air v3 running 14.8. I have a Red Panda guitar pedal that requires Chrome to use its online MIDI editor. I don't want to mess up my iPad, I'm afraid to install Chrome.

Does anyone have experience with Chrome on their iPad, good or bad? Does MIDI work with Chrome + iPad? (MIDI did not work with the cheap Lenovo Chromebook I bought for this application, I had to return it.)

Thanks for any opinions.


  • I do have Chrome but use it little, but no gremlins to report

  • Sadly, Chrome Web MIDI does not work on the iPad.

  • @seonnthaproducer
    Thank you for that information! You just saved me a lot of time and trouble.

  • Just want to mention, there's nothing to fear in Chrome on iPad. Apple requires all apps to use the Apple WebKit, so they're all basically Safari underneath. The only differences are in the user interfaces, not the internet functionality. I used Chrome for years before switching to iCabMobile, because I prefer its interface, configurability, etc.

  • The only browser on iOS that I know of that supports web midi is Web Midi Browser. Most (if not all) regular browsers use Safari’s engine which has no support for web midi.

  • Hell yeah. It's all I use, iPad 9, not a glitch.

  • @branis, I'll look into Web MIDI Browser, thank you for the suggestion.
    Thanks for the replies everybody.

  • I’ve been using Android phones and the google ecosystem for 10+ years. I bought my iPad only because of iOS music.
    In order to stay synchronized across my devices I use several google apps on my iPad, so my main browser is Chrome of course. I have zero issues with it.

    Fun fact: I used android tablets in the past, but since I got my iPad I wouldn’t go back to android tablets.

  • @GLacey said:
    Fun fact: I used android tablets in the past, but since I got my iPad I wouldn’t go back to android tablets.

    I used one about 10 years ago and never again. There is sadly only one player in the tablet market.

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