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Help, Auria has become really unstable

Im a long time user of Auria. I use it for vocal recording mostly. I like that it was simple, yet professional and most of all: stable.
Since some time now, its becoming more and more unstable, to the point that the project im working on as a job (10 song album) is impossible to finish. Ive had to deal with catastrophic data loss on every song. Aside from that i get regular crashes. Its not even just one bug, it seems like a different bug everytime. Some bugs have been with the app for years, the whole dataloss issue seems to be rather new. Now the whole app is just behaving erratic.
Im mostly working on an Ipad Pro 11“ 2nd generation. I did switch devices in between and it did not change much to the better. 2 of the problems i encountered can not be blamed on auria alone (the sample rate issue and the whole mixbox situation) but if i count those out, its still a terrible unusable performance. Also it handles those issues much worse than for example beatmaker where this does not lead to fubar projectfiles…

My questions:

Does anyone know a way of repairing auria project files or at least extracting audiofiles out of those?
What ios DAW should i look at if i like Auria but need a more stable alternative? Is Cubasis 3 stable and reliably updated?


  • My guess is that the issue is probably caused by one or two of the plugins. Whenever I've had experiences like this it's usually because there is a plugin being loaded that causes the problems.

    The other potential issue that springs to mind is the sample rate issue, if you had projects set to 44.1khz on your older iPad, they will need to be converted to 48khz on the new iPad unless you always have some kind of interface attached.

  • @rattenjunge : in the Audiobus forum wiki is an article about recovering projects. I haven’t found it’s stability to have changed… but have found that some AUs or IAA can make it unstable.

    For recovery, see:

    All your audio is in the project bundle

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