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Guiding Star / Spider’s AddStation

edited January 9 in Creations

@Spidericemidas’s tinkly AddStation pad preset, Guiding Star, backs up Ravenscroft275, House Mark1, BeatHawk Total Bass and SoftDrummer.


  • Nice track, Mike. Thanks for incorporating that Addstation preset. It adds just a nice subtle touch of warmth and shimmer to the piano. 👍

  • "These are a few of my favorite things" drifts into my mind around 0:59 and 2:00. There's also something haunting about the opening themes. Nothing I can label but resonant none the less.

  • Thanks @Spidericemidas. Your preset, tho subtle, made it happen.
    @McD, yep, I heard it too once you mentioned it. Especially at :59.

  • @LinearLineman said:
    Thanks @Spidericemidas. Your preset, tho subtle, made it happen.
    @McD, yep, I heard it too once you mentioned it. Especially at :59.

    It never ceases to amaze me how much you improvise and rarely quote existing melodies. It’s a gift to create new material on demand like this. And you edit very little I think. If you played 10 takes I’d get it but new ideas just roll out of you. There’s probably some patterns in your harmonic choices but your brain is targeting the Melodie’s I think. Monitoring for lots of variations over the life of a performance.

  • Well, @McD, I believe if you’re quoting melodies you’re probably thinking about quoting a melody. Since I do precious little thinking beyond the moment to moment there’s little possibility of quotation and, hopefully, more room for innovation.

    I was listening to the playing of a jazz player/teacher who studied with Lennie. Damn, he is good but he operates in a restricted framework, IMO. He gets better and better but, tho dazzling, you pretty much get what you expect. I don’t think what I do is “better” than what he does. It’s just what suits me and my abilities.

  • Mmmmmm, smmmmooooth… goes great with our dinner mix. :)

  • Beautiful work as always.

  • Thank you for listening @AudioGus. Glad I was with you for dinner!

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