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I am confused about ElasticDrums’ pitch.

edited January 8 in App Tips and Tricks

So it says 60 is root. This means that 60 is middle C correct? Yeah So when I import a loop should the pitch be set to 60 in order for it to be dry? Furthermore is 60 essentially 0 or is 50?

Say for example, I wanted to export down my tracks and then move that recording loop to its own track. I’ve noticed that either AudioShare or ElasticDrums does something weird because I cannot simple export > trim in AudioShare > import > set to 50 or 60 and have it loop perfectly. Am I missing something?

The audio that I’m importing loops and is on perfect 8 bar loop in AudioShare and ElasticDrums is set to the same bpm of course.



  • You have to be careful that ED is set to the appropriate sampling rate. I have an iPad 8 which is a 48k device. If I start ED it will usually be set to 44.1k and I get a lot of issues including distortion, bad loops and pitch issues. This doesn’t happen with all apps BTW. There is no way to change ED sampling rate manually. What I do is start up AUM (making sure it is set to 48k) and then I can either open ED in AUM or standalone and it will be set to 48k. That way everything will match my 48k device. Be aware that using phones/buds with a built-in mic will switch your device to 44.1k.

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