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How to Pull the First 20ms From a Note

I am still looking at how to pull or take say the first 20ms from a note, and say route it to a different channel in AUM. So….. say… if the volume threshold drops below ‘x’, and then starts back up, grab the first ‘x’ms of the input.

I have FAC Transient, and while it can affect the transient - you can’t channel it off to add effects to it.

Any Thoughts? Any Apps?



  • The @Blue_Mangoo folks have an app in open beta that provides transient shaping. It can chop off the attack for you.

    So, using FAC Transient to meet the threshold condition and then having a target app ready to accept the FAC Transient MIDI input and follow that app with Transient Shaper to output/gate the 20 msec head.

    This arrangement might get closer to what you intend.

  • Slow attack, but not sure about the channel options.

  • FAC Envolver can be used for this. Send the CC it outputs to the send amount on a bus send.

  • @Vmusic Do you own Drambo?

  • You can use a Mozaic script to do that (MIDI envelope). Simply trig the bus send. When pressing a key, the bus send is open for a little while and send the sound to another track

    env = 0.0
    SetTimerInterval 80
    LabelKnob 0, {Decay}
    for k = 1 to 21
    LabelKnob k, { }

    if env > 0.0001
    SendMIDICC 0, 7, RoundDown (env * 127)
    decay = 1 - ( ( GetKnobValue 0 ) / 140 )
    env = env * decay
    env = 0.0

    env = 1.0

    MIDI triggered envelope
    When a MIDI note is received, the scripts starts generating a decaying envelope. The envelope is sent out as a stream of CC#7 (volume) events.

    Speed of the decay can be configured using the Decay knob.

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    @rs2000 said:
    @Vmusic Do you own Drambo?

    Not OP, but I tried simply in drambo a shot sampler, followed by a noise gate with very high threshold -3dB, that for the attack part of the signal. Then subtract the output of the gate from the original signal, to obtain the release part.

    Kinda works, for one-shot samples, but is there a better way?
    I’m thinking using a transient detector to open the gate only on transients, this way maybe it works with loops

  • Or you can combine the best of the two worlds : FAC Envolver detect the threshold and send a midi note to Mozaic that will open or not the bus send during the time you decide…

  • Maybe try fabfilter C2 and hit the little headphones button on the threshold knob that lets you hear what’s being compressed. This more of a way to measure what’s being compressed but it can be used for other things too I suppose. Do this when you have a setting that really squashes and compresses those transients, but has a super quick release - and make sure you set a high amount of lookahead - and that might help you capture what you’re looking for?

  • wimwim
    edited January 10

    Here's a miRack patch that works well:

    • Rise: Threshold to allow audio through
    • Gate: Length of audio allowed through
    • The bus send is for mixing in full audio

    I really like how this works out with echo FX. Just the loudest peaks echo without muddying up the rest of the dry signal. Fun stuff. B)

  • OK….. why do I need MIDI for this??? It has NOTHING to do with MIDI. I was the first ‘x’ milliseconds from an audio input (aduio input not MIDI). If there’s no input for ‘x’ milliseconds, or the input falls below a threshold - reset it, I’m changing notes. I want to take and process just the first ‘x’ milliseconds.

    I suspect (sadly), there’s nothing or no app that can do that……….without messing with MIDI. Correct? Is this really 2022?

    Thanks for your input here.

  • I do have Drambo. It looks complicated. I like EZ.

  • wimwim
    edited January 11

    @Vmusic said:
    I suspect (sadly), there’s nothing or no app that can do that……….without messing with MIDI. Correct? Is this really 2022?

    It’s 2022, but you’re looking for something very niche, and on a relatively new platform. I expect there’s just no developer that has been sitting around thinking “humm … I bet I could make me some serious cash if I published an app for all those people out there that just want to process the first 20ms of a note!” ;)

    The miRack patch I posted above works without midi btw.

  • Perforator works too, but only rhythmically, not based on transients.

  • Midi is just a kind of remote control for the respective action(s) performed by other apps.
    But the biggest flaw (imho) hasn‘t been considered yet: if you simply slice by time, you‘ll end up with significant clicks every now and then... ;)

  • wimwim
    edited January 11

    @Vmusic said:
    I have FAC Transient, and while it can affect the transient - you can’t channel it off to add effects to it.

    Wait a minute. You already had the answer, you just didn’t know it.

    Instead of channeling it off to add effects, you can channel the unprocessed signal off to another channel. Place a bus send before FAC Transient to pipe off the unprocessed signal. See the screenshot of the miRack setup above and just substitute FAC Transient for miRack.

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