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HELP! Cubasis3 will not load. (Solved, but interesting)

(Happy New Year to me. I have had this difficulty recently and a hard reboot fixes it. But this time no luck. When Cubasis loads the screen is grey. Grey, grey, grey with a very faint window “loading template”. but nothing happens!

Any thoughts? Did I inadvertently do something in iPad settings? I don’t have a clue. I feel surprisingly philosophical about it. At least I uploaded my latest album. Of course, I’m dead in the water unless I use my other 11” pro. There’s always a backup restoration, tho I’ve never done that.)

Edit: I went into settings and found this…

It says “reset” above the “load new project upon opening”. I turned it on and voila!. When I went back to the settings page the open new project slider was turned off. All seems ok. I’m proud of myself, actually. Not a moment of real panic. I have, indeed, become a steely eyed iOS man!

Further info: it seems like it was a corrupted project that caused it. When I tried to reload that project Cubasis froze. I have deleted the project and foresee no further problem. It’s strange cause I’m pretty sure I renamed that project, but the original project with the original name remained.

Any insights out there?


  • You have come far these days. 😁
    Happy new year, LL! 🥳

  • Uff, corrupted projects can cause many problems, even on hardware! (Dealing with that right now on the Akai). I remember that being an issue in Beatmaker 3 as well.

    Thanks for the helpful tips LL - Corrupt projects - reset CB3 in iPadOS Settings - hopefully that helps someone in the future.

    Any insights out there?

    When I make a big change in a project, I save it with a new name, thereby making an entirely new project. That way if one of them gets corrupt, I have a backup.

  • Same to you @CracklePot. You saved my skin a couple of times when I was a no nothing. Rescued my Synthony #1 as I recall. It’s good to know a little more now. 😉🙏

    Indeed, @ocelot, saving is critical, it did save under the new name but the original remained as a corrupted artifact, I guess.

  • edited January 2

    Maybe you remember that we had this a couple of times when collaborating @LinearLineman.
    I've sent two bug reports to Steinberg but haven't heard back since - maybe it's in the release notes, dunno.
    The latest update 1 month ago only lists iOS15 related fixes and this issue is independent from the iOS version used.

    The bad thing is that Cubasis 3 seems to corrupt its own projects from time to time for no apparent reason.
    I never had this in any other DAW.

  • @rs2000, I do remember. This seems different tho. At least there is a reset route in settings. Happy New Year, bro!

  • The corrupt projects thing was the final straw for me with CB3. Tens of hours of work down the toilet at a whim.

  • @LinearLineman said:
    @rs2000, I do remember. This seems different tho. At least there is a reset route in settings. Happy New Year, bro!

    Happy new year! 😊

    Btw, does the project that caused the issue load now?

  • @rs2000 , ireloading it caused the same problem again. I deleted it upon resetting Cubasis.

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