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Input Monitoring with Bluetooth Speaker and Headphone Jack

I'm new to all this iPad music production. I just purchased AUM today. But I'm no stranger to digital music production in Apple's ecosystem. On my MacBook I've been making music in Logic for a decade and Max/MSP for years too.

I'm trying to use my iPad for casual performances and jamming with my friends. I want to use a bluetooth speaker as my main output device. During a performance, I'd like to be able to arrange MIDI patterns and tweak my patches while monitoring on headphones before I send my changes to the main output.

So far I haven't figured out how to set this up. If I was on a Mac, I would go into the Audio MIDI Setup application and create a new aggregate device that contains both the headphones and the speakers. But I can't find any setting like that on iPad. It seems like I'm stuck choosing either the headphones or the speakers, but not both.

I'm using the regular 2021 iPad - the one with a lightning port and a headphone jack and not USB-C. Any ideas?


  • There’s no equivalent of the (excellent) audio midi setup on ipad :( the solution is an audio interface where you can select which outputs to send to in aum, no idea if there are any that also support Bluetooth (maybe via an bt dongle)

  • The problem is that iOS only supports one audio interface at a time so if you need more than two channels, your external audio interface needs to provide them.

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