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Atom 2 question.

I am trying to use one Atom 2 instance to record/play Ruismaker and DRC. I can record/play Ruismaker just fine on channel 1. I can play DRC on channel 2 from inside Atom (the keyboard) and can record that.

I just seem unable to record my playing directly in DRC in Atom on channel 2 and play that back. I can record what I am playing in DRC on channel 1, but that will then be played back in Ruismaker..

Anyone know what I’m missing here? Or is this not possible.


  • wimwim
    edited December 2021

    Have you verified that DRC is sending on channel 2 by checking with a midi monitor?

    I know that Atom2 can record and play back on separate channels. I don't have DRC, but just tried a similar setup using Rozeta XOX instances sending on channels 1 and 2. Playback is fine.

    If you choose one of the style sheets that shows the the channel as different colors that may help with troubleshooting. But a midi monitor is where I would start.

  • edited December 2021

    Thank you I didn’t think of that. It’s sending on channel 1 according to MIDI monitor. Now I need to find out how to get it to 2 and see if that solves my problem..
    edit: I can reroute it with MIDI route to channel 2 and the set-up seems to be working as it should now. But should be a simpler way?

  • Great. If you can't change it in DRC, mfxStrip between DRC and Atom2 can change it for you. Or Streambyter.

  • thank you @wim!! (your answer arrived here after my last message :)

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