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Midi to iPad and Logic simultaneously

Happy Xmas all,

I’ve been using a CCK for many years and I’ve also been using my iPad connected directly to a Mac and sending midi to it via IDAM.

I’m looking to get a CCK that allows charging but my main use for this would be to connect various midi devices to the iPad via a hub but use the power cable to transfer the midi to my Mac.

So for example, midi keyboard controlling a synth on the iPad but an Akai MPD218 to play chords in ChordPolyPad but have this midi sent to Logic on the Mac using the power cable.

Does that make sense? In short I want to be able to send midi to the iPad and to Logic at the same time


  • You can’t use the charging port on the cck to transfer data, it only charges. You could set the iPad up as a Bluetooth midi controller for the Mac though, so you can probably transmit the midi data back to Mac that way.

  • Plug the midi controller into your Mac. Plug the iPad into the Mac via USB. Use iDAM to send the midi to the iPad (you may need the Midiflow app on the Mac to route it).

    Or, use the Audio Midi app (can’t remember the exact name, it’s in the Applications>Utilities folder) to set up a network midi connection, which is wireless.

  • Thanks guys,

    I got midi flow years ago but never found a use for it at the time so will reinstall it and have a look. Bluetooth should work fine too, don't know why I didn't think to try it. I've also discovered a bit of a workaround that lets me record the midi output from the chord trigger in Logic so I get the full notes played in the chord that will probably work for me too so I'll play around and see what works best

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