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BLEASS SampleWiz 2 - out now!

edited December 2021 in General App Discussion

Price: US$10

Sample-and-synthesis instrument with a granular engine envisioned by genius Keyboardist Jordan Rudess and engineered by BLEASS.

From the imagination of legendary keyboardist Jordan Rudess and the software engineering excellence of French audio developer BLEASS comes SampleWiz 2. This unique S&S (sample-and-synthesis) instrument marks the 10 year anniversary of Jordan’s first version of SampleWiz, and combines modern features such as granular and cloud sample engines, with the satisfying, rapid workflow of classic hardware samplers.

Over a career spanning more than 40 years (and counting), Jordan Rudess has built a formidable reputation. His exquisite skills as a keyboardist have graced the recordings and tours of Dream Theater, David Bowie, Liquid Tension Experiment and Rod Morgenstein to name but a few. Jordan is also recognised as something of a savant in the world of sound design, and has collaborated over many years with synth manufacturers such as Korg, Moog and IK Multimedia. And as if that weren’t enough feathers for one cap, Jordan is a pioneer in the use of iOS in music creation and performance, and has worked on numerous groundbreaking music apps over the last decade, for example Geoshred and Morphwiz.

With this new collaboration, BLEASS has distilled the phenomenal breadth and depth of Jordan’s musical knowledge and experience into an intuitive and inspirational synthesizer that has the flexibility to expand the creativity of each and every musician.

BLEASS SampleWiz 2 unleashes your sonic creativity and the power of your iPad or iPhone. With just a few swipes of your finger you can easily capture any sound and transform it into a playable, expressive, gorgeous-sounding synth voice.

BLEASS SampleWiz 2 fits in with your way of creating and performing too, with both standalone app and AUv3 plugin included. And as well as operating as an instrument, the plugin can be used as an effect, making it wonderfully easy to sample and resample from any other instrument or track within your host app.

BLEASS SampleWiz 2 includes a number of performance interfaces, and takes full advantage of MPE to enhance expressiveness and playability. Play using any of the different keyboard views – half-screen, full-screen or double-layer, or using BLEASS’ innovative full screen Wave Keyboard view.

The synth is as easy and fun to program as it is to play. The UI has been carefully designed to give a natural, intuitive workflow, with delightfully simple sampling and a comprehensive suite of tools for chopping, granularizing, modulating, and adding effects to your sound designs. These are distributed across six tabs :


Set the basic synth properties, such as voices, glide, MPE modulation targets, and arpeggiator.


Capture and edit samples and loop points, and configure the granular engine.


Configure SampleWiz 2’s overdrive processor and multi-mode filter, and set up ADSR envelopes for amp and filter cutoff.


BLEASS SampleWiz 2 has a pair of freely assignable LFOs (Low Frequency Oscillators) and a third ADSR envelope. Each source can be assigned to up-to two destinations.


BLEASS’ unique Motion Sequencer generates rhythmic movement and repeating patterns of modulation values that can be assigned to any two modulation destinations.


Sweeten your sound and add some final polish with delay and reverb processors.

Find more information about BLEASS SampleWiz 2 on



  • Ouch... so that’s the app icon? :D

  • Worst icon in history. Even worse write-up on the man. Keep it simple; one use of the word “genius” gives me a ballpark idea of how good he is. Ok, I get it, yeah, genius, savant, iconoclast, cool.

  • megalo beardus icon:)

  • edited December 2021

    If the app's awesomeness is inversely equal to the icons shitness, I'm in.

  • @oat_phipps said:
    Worst icon in history.

    I see WerkBench has been dethroned.

  • polyphony?

  • The app is amazing (and polyphonic). BLEASS did it again. Jordan is a megalo but he is a genius. The icon is, well…

  • ppls let us know how the app is (cpu and small impressions)
    thank you !

  • @waka_x said:
    ppls let us know how the app is (cpu and small impressions)
    thank you !

    CPU usage is surprisingly low (depending of the preset, it is 5-15% on my IPad pro 2017). Small impression is : I just bought the extra preset pack

    Wait for others to comment but I am sure we have something huge here !

  • thnx cuscolima!:)

  • Is this an intro price? I’ll inevitably buy this but only just spent out on Loopy Pro 😫

  • Is this more a sampler or more a synth?. From the description it seems very similar to FRMS.

  • Save your souls. Stay away from witchcraft guys.

  • @tahiche said:
    Is this more a sampler or more a synth?. From the description it seems very similar to FRMS.

    Yeah, Similar description. So I wait for SOOOOUNDS

  • Here's the teaser video for those who missed it:

  • Bought!

    Cool icon, too!

  • This or Animoog Z ?

    Which one would you keep?

  • it's granular , that's why it compares t FRMS , but seems simpler

  • it looks like a mix of Tardigrain + FRMS... nothing original in it from afar...
    waiting for some videos - maybe it does do smth diffrent... who knows.

  • edited December 2021

    @waka_x said:
    it looks like a mix of Tardigrain + FRMS... nothing original in it from afar...
    waiting for some videos - maybe it does do smth diffrent... who knows.

    Isn't everything on the planet a mix of something else, at this point? But if it's like Tardigrain then I will be interested to see what they have come up with. Bleass usually do something worth a look.

  • Prepare for lots of IAPs :)

  • edited December 2021

    Havent used my granular apps. Will probably just used this. Sampling. Mpe.

    First Bleass app.

  • edited December 2021

    ashh: they could always bring smth new (or at least not implemented in other granulars:
    FFT resynthesis + FFT fx, timestretching methods, etc...

    honestly, I dont care if its not that original as long as its very playable as an instrument and smooth in live situations. and thats what they aim at, I think... I'll see in upcoming videos

  • @0tolerance4silence said:
    Ouch... so that’s the app icon? :D

    Apparently Rudess insists that anything with his name on it must also have his beard on it. The rumours say that it controls him. That he found it in a bin backstage at some black magic festival and without quite knowing why, he offered it up to his chin where it immediately attached itself.

  • i was skeptical, but it feels very nice. fast, intuitive and sounds really good.
    tardigrains is a bit esoteric in its design, though it is my go to granular synth.
    frms is a bit of a pain to use, but the only thing that’s more advanced in it is layering.
    samplewiz has bleass motion sequencer built in on the other hand.

    anyway, just my initial impressions. very straightforward, fast and with lots of simple but useful tools for manipulating sound. it’s nice to have a granular synth that doesn’t try to look and feel alien or too complex.

  • Here is my Sampling Tutorial for SampleWiz 2.
    I don't really do the presets in this, I just cover how to sample everything in.

  • Wierd. Model D in Drambo with sample wiz as effect. Model d keyboard triggers sample wiz. So not sure if sample wiz is an effect or being triggered by model d keyboard as it isnt triggered by drambos keyboard. Has to be midi out.

  • Ok, just my opinion. This thing is fully sick. Do the cool kids still say that? Anyway. Just bought and spent about ten minutes with a recorded vocal sample. Some slightly strange things going on (like lfo indicators not changing) but everything seemed to work and the sound design and sample mangling is awesome.

  • It is mate. Was going to ask questions about sound design technique. Sound design dream.

  • Intriguing... I got addicted to BLEASS apps, just love their touch-optimised UI really takes advantage of the iPad. That said this does overlap a lot with FRMS and I'm trying to reign in my app-buying and actually make some sounds :P

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