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Ructions and how to deal with them.

With the seemingly never ending squabble going on between certain parties at the moment, I have been reflecting on how you can't just put every type of person in a room and expect them ALL to get along. There will always be those who can't stand eachother and for whom it would benefit everybody if they were not to interract. I have certainly known a few individuals here who I would have preferred not to have encountered, and I'm sure there have been a few who felt the same way about me. Fortunately, in my case, most of my problem parties either left or got themselves banned, but for the problems that remain, I think it might help keep things calmer in future if we were able to ignore any individual who continually rubs us up the wrong way.

Here is a Vanilla module that implements an ignore feature

I suggest that perhaps @Sebastian and @Michael could take a look at it and consider the possibility of adding it to the forum.

I appreciate that not everyone will agree with this suggestion, but I'm sure Sebastian and Michael with take that into consideration.



  • The ignore plug-in is a good idea and works well if the ignored user isn’t quoted by an un-ignored user.

  • There is that, but I figure every little helps. :)

  • And as an aside, I read the thread title and first thought, “Someone misspelled ‘auction,’” but then saw it was PaulB authoring the thread and thought better of it.

  • Is there an ignore all feature, so the user can have the forum to him/herself? ;-)
    All kidding aside, I like this.

  • Personally, I think it should be a bit more than that when a guy essentially lies in the name of a message board to get free apps for themselves...

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    I'm not proposing a punishment for whatever went on with the competition, only a way of damping down arguments before they get out of hand and preventing them flaring up again later.

  • Yep, ignore is definitely a good way of doing it. There was a lot of throwing fuel into the flames by one party which absolutely got the whole thing red hot. Maybe a direct message user button next to the avatar or the name so they can carry on the abuse in private? I guess that wouldn't work as there's more fun doing it in front of everybody.

  • On Usenet we called them Bozo filters.

  • @PaulB - I think I know where you are coming from but........ why would I not want to hear what someone has to say? Just because I don't like them or I don't like their type? You cannot stop someone from having a point of view. Using a plugin like this could be tantamount to censorship which is not in the spirit of a democratic forum or society. Let Everyman have their say. If you disagree with a point of view then respond in a matured way. We have to be grown ups and deal with things like gentlemen or gentlewomen. Agree to disagree. And. Move on.

  • Ignore can be good. Hope it can be figured out I am a (literally) Johnny-come-lately here, but what attracted me is/was the mostly friendly discourse/apparent camaraderie. I know all online communities have a lifecycle, but selfishly I hope this one is just blipping not ending :)

  • @FrankieJay You seem to be assuming that I wish to ignore someone because I disagree with them. That's not the case. If two parties can agree to disengage and not revisit their disagreement, that's great and is obviously the preferred solution. I like to think that I am capable of that. However, there are some who are not. Ignore would be a last resort on the part of someone who would LOVE to let things drop, just so they can participate in discussions with others without the distraction of someone trying to restart hostilities. Another scenario would be where there are two parties who are bickering with eachother in multiple threads. A third party who does not wish to get involved or even see the argument, but who would like to participate in on topic discussion, would be able to temporarily ignore both the combatants in order to make their forum experience a more pleasant one. It's not about not letting someone have their say, it's about not having the experience spoiled by someone else's inappropriate behaviour.

  • Slightly OT but is there already an "Ignore Thread/Topic" option available on this forum? (I don't mean this thread, of course!) If so, can someone point me in the right direction, please. I thank you :)

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    Wait, your telling me you 'can't' ignore me here?


  • @Washboy No there isn't, but ignoring a thread is a little easier. Just don't click on it.

  • edited June 2014

    @PaulB said:

    @Washboy No there isn't, but ignoring a thread is a little easier. Just don't click on it.

    Actually, I use that feature often. It's very useful as in a large crowd personalities clash.

  • @Nubus said:

    @PaulB said:

    I could easily see how that would bug some people (including myself...whatever)

    It's tough to ignore yourself though.

  • edited June 2014

    @funjunkie27 said:

    @Nubus said:

    @PaulB said:

    I could easily see how that would bug some people (including myself...whatever)

    It's tough to ignore yourself though.

    Oops I wasn't quick enough. Sorry

  • I don't see a problem with an ignore feature. It doesn't impose on other people's rights, and can make some people's visitation to this board more pleasant. I think it's a good idea.

  • @funjunkie27 said:

    @Nubus said:

    @PaulB said:

    I could easily see how that would bug some people (including myself...whatever)

    It's tough to ignore yourself though.

    I think the quotes have gone awry, I never said any of that.

  • Strange...I used the quote function, but I didn't think it was your post anyway.

  • I think Nubus said it, but edited it while you were quoting. Not sure how my name got dragged in...

  • @PaulB - I completely understand why you have made the suggestion. I just think it might take something away from what is unique about this site. With an ignore plugin, it means I can ignore you just because you are PaulB or funjunkie27 or because I don't appreciate your take on things. My take? Many insightful points of view would be lost if this was ever implemented. I say this because as a regular user, I know you are of the guys here who make insightful comments. My fear is that this plugin could be open to "abuse". I am sure you and me are above all of this caterwauling but unfortunately you'll always have folks who just cannot swallow a bitter pill even if it was for their own good. Something you alluded to not too long ago.

    What is positive here is that you have made a suggestion so that we can in the future avoid what happened in that horrible thread. Bravo for that. We have a self-curated forum and for the most part it really works. The 5% that doesn't work, we can simply ignore I think :) Let the pen be mightier still.

  • edited June 2014

    @PaulB said:

    I think Nubus said it, but edited it while you were quoting. Not sure how my name got dragged in...

    Before we work on 'ignore', we need to lick this quotes thing : D

  • edited June 2014

    One thing i've noticed though. The larger the forum the more it goes south. It's really a numbers thing. This forum seems small, (which is nice). If it becomes like, super successful, it will be it's undoing. Sad but true.

  • I'm pretty good at ignoring without the aid of a button.

  • Good idea @PaulB. I also think we could benefit from having one of the more regular forum members become a moderator to help assist @Sebastian (freeing him to worry about important stuff like Audiobus 3). Yesterday's shenanigans could have ended much sooner with the aid of an impartial judge to represent the forum and put a stop to it when one party continually baits the other.

  • And who doesn't want a thankless job like "forum moderator" on the ol' resume?

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