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Devs , Please Help or point in right direction

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If you have Children of school age that use school transport then this effects you .
At present here in Northern Ireland and across the UK (prob other countries too 😟) there is no way of checking easily if children are using school transport that day or once aboard to prove attendance before departure . Once a child is off school property they are no longer the schools responsibility. If busses aren’t on school property then we have a loophole that no one is addressing at present . I have already contacted my local school and the transportation company employed but as expected little feedback , I had the idea of kids designing it as a nationwide competition but this seems to have fell on deaf ears . I could go the parent forum route and apply pressure but each new term has new kids exposed to this overlooked problem with possible nasty ramifications. I have no doubt if presented with a ready made app the response would be completely different.
This problem was brought to my attention when on first day of school term 3 children ( one of them mine 🤪😂) missed their bus home . It probably happens all the time , everywhere . It’s too easy for kid’s, exited with new friends or surroundings to wander off and be embarrassed or scared to seek help .
I come cap in hand looking help with an idea for an app . If anyone could donate time and brainpower for free to help develop an app for school busses 😜 . They have little or zero way other than roll call when in school to know if children are using school transport , have used it that day , and if they are using it again to get home . I was hoping a programmer or more on here would be interested in helping develop an app that parent /child/bus driver and school could use to communicate if a student will be on the bus today or not . If they are at afterschools etc . Parents could inform instantly if change of circumstances, as could child (maybe with an area to add explanation of change of circumstance etc)
Photo of child poss 🤔 so bus drivers can check off as students board. Or some way Blu tooth connection can enable no need for head count as drivers phone pings once all aboard . If it could be cross platform so as any child could have access that would be icing on the cake . If anyone thinks they can help please get in touch .


  • I think the biggest hurdle you will run into is privacy, particularly when minors are concerned.

    Maybe you should check with your local school district and see if this is even viable from the perspective of school district or state education policy?

  • That is a good idea but i can see tons of hurdles not only with the the logistics but the school system, local government, and parents. Not to mention anything involving minors is a whole separate issue. Digital security would have to be top of the line. I know it’s not ideal, or foolproof, but you could have them initial and date a spreadsheet or pdf, each time. If nothing else you would have a daily digital record of who comes and goes. I would seek prior approval, from the school, and your company. It sounds like there could be several liability issues as well.

    They have team/work communication apps like Teamsnap, Microsoft Teams, etc… which could fill this role to a certain degree, but again when dealing with minors even in the noblest sense there is still legal/moral grey areas and potential issues. You would need clearance from many different parties, individuals, etc.. I don’t want to discourage a good idea, but it seems like this might be a high hurdle.

  • I’m not looking forward to them hurdles gentlemen but for now I’d really just appreciate help in getting an actual app to demonstrate the ease of use on a daily or weekly basis for all . I’m aware of the problems that may arise as this project progresses but to be frank with all , don’t care , will cross them bridges if necessary . I’m just asking at present if anyone has the time and know how to produce an app like this for free

  • Can anyone help ?

  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • @BCKeys said:
    Maybe get some better help here ?

    Thanks 😊

  • Have you looked at what's out there already?

    Random search produced this. Makes sense for a country like Oz too I guess.

  • @moodscaper said:
    Have you looked at what's out there already?

    Random search produced this. Makes sense for a country like Oz too I guess.

    I should do that first next time 😊

    Awesome ! As the ozzies would say 🤩 thanks moodscaper .

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