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Analyze master out

I am mainly working or mastering with Cubasis 3. When mastering I would like to display a frequency analyzer of the master out while I am adjusting the mixer levels or EQs. Of course I can load an analyzer into the master effects slot but then I cannot display the analyzer and the Cubasis mixer at the same time.

Do you know any solution? I also have an iPhone that could run the analyzer but how to send the master out to it? Sonobus? Sounds doable but hacky. How you are doing that? I think @jakoB_haQ is usually running an oscilloscope on another iPad in his videos but how to do that?


  • I guess we'd need multi-window support in Cubasis 3 for viewing plug-is or instruments from separate tracks...

  • That's one of the significant differences between a desktop OS and iOS.
    Indeed, next to using two USB audio interfaces or an iConnectivity interface that can route audio between two iDevices, Sonobus and an analyzer running on the iPhone would be my best bet.

  • Totally not practical but ... You can put Cubasis in an input slot of Audiobus with the analyzer in the FX slot. You can then use Audiobus in popover view on top of Cubasis. Of course, the analyzer is squished into a totally useless size ...

    If you have a Mac and an analyzer that runs on it maybe send the audio over there via iDAM.

  • Just a thought without checking. Is Youlean IAA?

  • edited October 14

    @wim thank you, these are good ideas. The Mac solution is not bad when I'm at home, the AB solution makes at least switching the views easier when working iPad only. AB also allows the overlay window, although the analyzer is quite small then.

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