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Light - Sleeping At Last cover (all iOS) - detailed app breakdown

edited May 2014 in Creations

Hi everyone! This is a cover my wife and I did of the song "Light" by Sleeping at Last.

The process:

First, I created the drum track in DM1.

Then I brought the drum track into Cubasis via AudioCopy.

Next, I used my M-Audio Keystation 88ES midi controller to record the piano track via AudioBus. I used SampleTank (Old Upright Piano) in the input, Crystalline in the filter slot, and Cubasis in the output.

Next I recorded a bass track, again routing SampleTank (J Bass Pick Amp) into Cubasis via AudioBus.

Then I recorded my wife's vocals. The mic is a Behringer B-1, and I used my Zoom R8 as an audio interface and recorded directly into Cubasis.

Finally, I wanted to add an arpeggio-style synth track. Unfortunately, when I created my Cubasis track, I forgot to set the tempo to the tempo of the drum track, so it was stuck at 120, haha!

So, instead of using the piano-roll midi editor in Cubasis, I used Genome to sequence Magellan via AudioBus into Cubasis.

Hope you enjoy!


  • Nice tune but the vocals seem a bit on the quiet side and get lost in the mix in places.

    Thanks for the detailed app breakdown and workflow - always good to read how other work. :)

  • Yeah, you're absolutely right about the level of the vocals. I'll have to watch out for that in the future!

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