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Power and hubs for those who gig

Greetings. This is a query for people who use their iOS devices in non-ideal settings. Our practice space has imperfect electricity. Many places we did do as well.

I’m curious how others in similar situations are setting up with hubs and power to minimize noise over USB.

Right now, I’m using a powered hub, Apple 30W USB-C adapter, RME Babyface in class compliant mode, Linnstrument and DJ Tech Tools MIDI Fighter Twister.

I would love a combined hub, interface with balanced outs, and filtered power supply but it does not seem such a product exists.


  • Definitely a gap in the market for something.

    I am currently trusting to battery power. Got through a 100 minute gig with 55% battery left. Prefer not to plug in power if possible!

  • In fact I forgot that the week before I had a 4 hour gig and there was no gap from soundcheck to performance- so must have been on battery power for 5 hours plus, and made it though. I supoose my application can't be that cpu heavy.

  • Iconnect audio 4c and audiofuse come to mind. Can’t speak for the power supplies.
    Don’t know how many inputs/outputs you need. Audiofuse does have an adapt expansion on it.

  • Battery all the way for me. I've got all my gear connected through a USB hub to a 26800mAH battery, which lasts for many hours without a problem. That includes iPad, Zoom U44, LaunchPad X, plus 1-2 other controllers and maybe guitar playing through iPad depending on the situation.

    Next I'm looking to buy a Linnstrument, powering that from a separate battery pack in my pocket, then using a Widi device to connect Linnstrument's MIDI to the iPad over wifi. That'd be a complete onstage-ready wireless rig running through 2 batteries, which is as good as it gets as far as I'm concerned.

  • I’m probably going to start leaning towards @monch1962 suggestion as well.
    Sometimes the building power just sucks, and sometimes you’re told “to set up in the corner” and there’s not a power outlet in sight. Then they ask you “well didn’t you bring your own extension cord?”
    The more self sufficient u can be the better.

  • edited September 26

    Thanks. I hadn't considered a rechargeable battery. That would, presumably, solve the power supply issue. I'm running an iPad, a RME Babyface, a Linnstrument, and a DJ Tech Tools MIDI Fighter Twister.

    What would you recommend as a rechargeable battery for all that? I know the Linnstrument needs 300ma and the Babyface needs 500ma. No idea on the MFT (they don't publish specs) or the iPad.

    I can't speak to the Audiofuse, but for more than one USB device, the iConnectivity interface requires a powered hub, at which point, I might as well stick with my setup. The Babyface is quite a good interface.

  • I wouldnt trade the baby face for either of those 2

  • I haven't tried this, but I did see a video of someone who strapped four big 26800 mah batteries together. Battery 1 charged 2, which charged 3, which charged 4 -- and then into two ipads, keyboards and other misc low-power devices. No amplification. He figured maybe 20-24 hours between recharging all of them.

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