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Do Audiomodern Playbeat and Riffer ship with Presets?

I'm trying out the desktop versions of these with a view to a possible iOS purchase. Neither app seems to ship with presets, and Playbeat has kits installed, though I can find samples.

Is this how they install on iOS?

Come to think of it, ChordJam had no presets either, so maybe it's as they intended.


  • No presets in Playbeat. Don’t know about Riffer.

  • Presets are kind of moot with an app like Riffer, no?

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    I don’t think so but these apps don’t really need presets. Playbeat does ship with several samples to get you started. A variety of drums and other sounds, not a ton but a few, can’t remember how many really. The reason I think there is no need for presets in these apps is because it’s all about the randomization. User selects a key, a scale, sets a range, locks certain parameters, etc.. then randomize. I usually tweak whatever it spits out to make it sound how I want, but if it’s too far off, or I don’t like results, I just randomize again. I only save presets when I generate something I use in a track, so I can refer back to it if needed.

    Something like fugue machine which has presets is a different animal, a different type of app. The presets show you ways you can use it. But with all AUDIOMODERN Apps really, it’s all about the randomization process. What parameters you manually set, which ones you lock, and what you leave open to randomize. You can randomize every single thing, just one parameter, and everything in between. With infinity button, it can randomize every time. Choice is yours, No presets necessary IMO. Set a few parameters and hit the dice. On something like chord jam I always set the velocity range then select the infinity button, that way every not it sends out has its velocity randomized with in the set range. Hope that helps. Cheers!

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    It is definitely about the randomisation and making your own, but a few presets to get you started, demo the app's capabilities is useful to get a feel for an app's range and provide inspiration.

    With Playbeat, even a few kits would have been good, so you don't have to work through all the sounds to make your own kit. How much inspiration can come from the randomised kits e.g. in Drum Computer? It's a way of getting started, of priming the pump, of serendipitous discovery.

    Same with Chordjam. If they had supplied a few presets to demo some different ways to use the app that would have been good, but it seems to be a company policy of not supplying any.

    Ah well.

  • Yea that’s a fair point and I actually agree with you. But I also understand why they probably didn’t even bother. Hold on let me check…

    Actually 15 presets in Playbeat.

    13 presets in Riffer

    I don’t see any in Chordjam.

  • At least on the iOS versions can’t speak for Mac or pc.

  • ChordJam has 18 presets in the sequencer

  • @mojozart said:
    ChordJam has 18 presets in the sequencer

    Thanks I didn’t check the sequencer. Cheers!

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    ChordJam could use a demo mode. I think it is pretty cool and kind of makes sense once you know what the different panels and buttons do. But it is definitely not easy to figure out without watching someone use it.

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    @Poppadocrock said:
    Yea that’s a fair point and I actually agree with you. But I also understand why they probably didn’t even bother. Hold on let me check…

    Actually 15 presets in Playbeat.

    13 presets in Riffer

    I don’t see any in Chordjam.

    Oh so there are Factory presets in iOS versions of those two?

    I didn’t see any in Chordjam either on iOS.

    EDIT: Just spotted that you already answered this :)

  • No worries, just wanted to help.

  • @Poppadocrock said:
    No worries, just wanted to help.

    That’s cool ... thanks for all you do on the forum :)

  • @Poppadocrock

    The Audiomodern devs sounded surprised that the desktop versions had no presets, and are looking into it.

    But as mentioned on the Gatelab thread, a new version is coming!

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