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Audio mess on iPad2 with ios 5.1.1 report

edited December 2012 in App Tips and Tricks
  • 1 soundprism into loopy - occasional bumps (more so if the note matrix option in soundprism is maximised to span 3)
  • 2 soundprism (audio off) controlling sunrizer into loopy - glitches constantly - barely any clear audio
  • 3 sunrizer and nlogpro running into loopy - glitches constantly - not usable
  • 4 sunrizer into nlogpro as effect unit into loopy - glitches and sound is almost inaudible in terms of volume (read previous posts about contacting nLogs developer)
  • 5 the only good news... I managed to record a bunch of loops in Loopy using only one app at a time without any audio mess.

I am not running more than 3 apps at a time.
There are no apps running in the background.

I get that iPad2 is not particulalrly powerful / fast and I have the impression from multiple posts online that ios 5.1.1 is more efficient in terms of processing power - or should an update help matters?

Audiobus is such a brilliant idea - I just wish it actually worked for me. Anyone else experiencing these problems? Any fixes?


  • Hi!

    Please reboot your device. That should fix this. All of the examples above work fine on iPads that don't have other stuff running in the background that drains CPU resources. Rebooting turns off puts all potentially active apps.

    For future reference, here's how to close apps manually so they don't run in the background:



  • Sebastian I can also confirm that I have experienced all the same audio problems above and that's after a reboot and with everything killed but the apps mentioned in the examples.

  • I buy tons if audio apps and literally only had to buy 2 of the audiobus compatible apps. My ipad mini has the same specs as an ipad 2. Hopefully some of these apps are optimized for audiobus use in the future. I never expected my ipad mini to run a bunch of apps at once but it's disappointing when one synth and loopy glitch out.

  • hey Sebastian,
    thanks for the reply.
    I always shutdown apps I am not using - it's become a habit ;-) but I hadn't tried resetting the iPad. The first time I reset the iPad, I started it up right away and nothing had changed and then I figured I was being hasty so I tried again and waited a few minutes - made a cup of tea and crossed my fingers.
    Started things up in a different order and turned off background audio in apps where possible.
    Now it is all working excellently. The whole shebang.
    I had four apps open in Audiobus - controlling sunrizer with soundprism, plus nlogpro into loopy.
    NO PROBLEM and totally awesome - I am so impressed with this.
    Super well done you guys and very best wishes.

  • Phew! Good to know we were able to solve the riddle. Enjoy Audiobus!

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