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BM3 sample purging

I'm trying to record audio into BM3 for the first time and have a problem with my discarded takes all being kept by BM3.

I tried deleting the ones I don't need from the sample list associated with the audio track but I can see that they are all still stored in the session manager SAMPLES database and are still present on disk.

Does anyway know a simple way of safely purging these so that I am left only with the samples that are actually referenced by my project? One way I have found is to save the project with a different name using the copy samples option, delete the original from disk, empty the trash (because BM3 still finds the old samples there!) and then rebuild the database.

To recreate:

  1. Record two samples against an audio track
  2. Delete one of them from the sample list associated with the audio track
  3. Go to the top left hamburger -> SAMPLES, note that both the samples are still referenced and both can still be previewed. The files also still exist in the recordings folder on disk.
  4. Rename the one you didn't delete (to try and determine which is the in-use one in the database)
  5. Note that the name under SAMPLES does not change to reflect the renamed sample so there is no way of picking out the in-use sample.


  • I haven't found a way.
    Even saving them with a new name keeps the old samples that were previously deleted.
    Something must have changed in the last update, as I don't remember it behaving like that.

  • @ocelot Thanks, good to know it is not just me. Frustrating that it wants to keep everything ever recorded with no in-built way of cleaning up.

    I am going to persevere with testing the 'save as' workaround. If it is reliable then it will be a reasonable workaround as long as remember to do it when I am done with a recording project.

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