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Post iTunes Gift Card Discounts and Promos Here!!!

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App sales are always being posted around here, but what about the other way to get a price break on apps that the devs don't take a hit on - iTunes gift card discounts and promos!?!

I remember reading someone's post stating that they only buy apps with discounted itunes gift cards as a way of limiting their spending. That way you get every app for 15-20% off (on top of any app sale prices). This is a GREAT idea and I've been trying to do this myself (keyword: trying).

This month I've already went over budget on a Steinberg UR44 but a big Cubasis update is on its way so I need an app fix. Please post any itunes gift card discounts/promos that you are aware of in this thread and also your country of origin.

Now who's got one for the United States??? Even if I have to drive to Office Max or wherever (even Wal Mart lol) to pick up a physical gift card while I am out and about, I don't mind, please post the deal here!



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    Nothing yet? In the meantime, anyone want to explain how this sort of thing happens? And this isn't the only one. There are quite a few that sold for more than face value. ???

  • Not logical from my point of view.

  • There's a deal running right now for SAMs club members. office max sometimes has 20% off a $50 card, as a lost leader. I'll bet something good pops up around memorial weekend.

  • It's not a bad idea - I have seen this at Target from time to time (something like $13.50 for a $15 card or $22.50 for a $25 card), and there are Black Friday-type deals of this kind. But I don't know a sale in my particular Target means that applies nationwide (let alone outside of the U.S.). That's what makes it hard to share the information, particularly given the "diversity of location" of AudioBus Forum posters.

  • For those based in Australia, the following site is a great resource for the latest deals -

  • London Ontario Canada Best-Buy 55$ for 60$, Ya can get yourself pretty-well started for the 5$ ,inc the freebies of course.

  • Upcoming deal from OfficeMax. As I recall, though, these are physical cards that are shipped to you, which can result in about a 1 week delay.

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    I will probably hit up that office max one as long as free shipping etc. Thanks!

    On a side note, I found a guy on CL selling an unused card. Turned out to be someone I know (and trust) so I figured I'd help him out and also save a few bucks and I bought it. He scratched off the code and emailed it to me after I paypal'd him. iTunes said code was already redeemed. Again, he said the code was unscratched prior to him emailing it to me. He also said this has happened to him before.

    How could this be possible? The only thing I can think of is someone accidentally typing in the same code as was on the card but that seems like such a long shot, especially if it happened more than once to this same guy? Or is there an itunes code generator bot out there? Anyone have this happen before?

  • Staples, $50 iTunes card for $40, shipping included.

  • Wow those sold quick. Was going to jump on that one.

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    (Edited, thanks telecharge, nubus and Seangarland)---

    Target has a 30% off on one card campaign, that runs through until June 7th I believe. I ordered 2x$25 cards for $42.5. Seems you need to order two cards, and effectively get a 15% discount on the total sum (or 30% off on the lower denomination of the two if you order two different cards). Dunno what they're thinking here, but it's still a good dealio!

    The codes are delivered via email within a few hrs, they only work with US ITUNES ACCOUNTS, paypal payment is available if you don't have a US accepted credit card.|All|matchallpartial|all+categories&lnk=snav_sbox_itunes

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    Sweet thanks!

    Ordered $30 worth for $25.5

    If i dont win earhoof its its almost free!

    Thanks chrisG

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    You did the same mistake as me eh? :) Making two separate orders with one $15 code/card in each would have totaled $21.

    Edit: Sorry never mind, seems you actually have to order two cards, and effectively getting 15% off.

  • Thanks for the heads-up. Also, if you have a Target Red Card, you can take an additional 5% off on top of the deal.

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    Looks like the deal is you have to buy 1 to get 30% off a second card - effectively making it a 15% discount.

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    Yeah it's two cards for the deal, only one gets the discount.

  • Can't add any of them to my cart on iPhone. Selected denomination and email delivery, but "add to cart" stays greyed out.

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    You're right, well I'm having a heatstroke over here, so I'm blaming my confusion on that. ;)

    2 cards, 15% off the total sum of those 2 cards then (Edit: check @Seangarlands post below)

    @MoonWolf, it worked on my iPad. But Safari on iPhone IDs itself as "mobile" unlike the iPad. Could be that. If you're using a 3rd party browser, you could change the browser ID to Safari iPad. Or just do it the old fashioned way via a PC.

  • No worries. Thanks for the heads up @ChrisG

  • @chrisG

    Im glad i wasnt the only one who didnt get that logic haha all in good fun doood

    Thanks again for the heads up

  • Yep, Buy one, get 30% off the second. This of course comes off the lower denomination of the two, so don't think you can get funny and buy one $15 and get 30% off of a $100 card.

    But 15% is still about as good as you'll get on iTunes card discounts. And like I mentioned before, if you've got a Target Redcard (free), you can get your additional 5% off, making it essentially 20% off. Nice deal.

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    Do Target usually have these email codes available? I'm not in US, but I do purchase codes for my US account since it's cheaper then the ones here. I usually do it on two sites that charges a few extra bucks on top of the cards value (still cheaper then here tho). But if Target, or any other store, have codes available that they can email, and not charge a fee on top, that would obviously be better.

  • Thx, it was an iPhone issue. Worked on the pad. Good deal!

  • UK....£5 off £25 iTunes cards.....BOOTS deal £20 until June 15th.

  • @ChrisG - This is the first time I've seen Target run this promo, but I may have missed others. PayPal is also another source of email codes occasionally, and I believe theirs are usually 20% off.

  • In the UK, 20% off all iTunes gift cards at Tesco. Don't know what the time limit was as I noticed it while shopping and grabbed a £30 multipack for £24.

  • This sadly wont work for iTunes cards (or any Apple products) but if you're considering a hardware purchase, Sweetwater is adding 10% to all gift card purchases right now. So a $200 card gets you $220 in products.

  • I already got the Target promo on June 1, but Ebay has a better one.

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