ThumbJam v2.4 is now Live!

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The next ThumbJam update v2.4 is now live! Apologies to all who have been waiting so long for something to happen since the last update...

  • Audiobus 2 support, including state load/save
  • IAA node support
  • Now supports up to 4 screen splits, and up to 8 simultaneously loaded instruments
  • Velocity layering support added (new downloadable instruments coming up that take advantage of it)
  • AudioCopy2 update
  • Added AudioShare export and import
  • Now allows pitch tracking mode in background
  • Added chromatic or white-key-only MIDI scale lock option
  • Custom MIDI NRPN support for handling real-time scale changes via MIDI (for use with the app KeyIn)
  • Added MIDI breath control (CC2) options (volume and filter cutoff)
  • Improved channel and poly pressure support
  • Show all-notes-off button when instrument sustains on release (for damping)
  • User presets are now alphabetized in list (so renaming can control ordering)
  • Fixed up monophonic patch playing via MIDI
  • Fixed sample loop crossfade issues
  • Fixed continuum glide mode in landscape orientation
  • Fixed issue with VoiceOver and menus
  • Fixed longstanding attack envelope consistency issue


  • Wooohooohooo!

  • Gonna be on sale?????

  • 9 bucks is a steal for this app, fyi. Just read what others have said about it here in this forum for proof.

  • Never hurts to ask is what i say

  • blush Thumbjam is one of the apps I still have yet to really explore. I think this update is gonna force me to take a closer look. You're knockin' it out of the park today @sonosaurus!

  • Congrats @sonosaurus. Looking forward to checking it out.

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    Great! No apologies necessary - it's a great app that's kept well with the times, and offers TONS of free content for what is ultimately a reasonable price.

    The IAA, AB2, velocity, and ACP updates are interesting. The one thing I know they have heard about improving (but can't tell if it is being addressed here) is the internal recorder/looper. Normally I wouldn't care with an app that you record in AudioBus anyway, but there are times I like to make my own string/brass arrangements by recording multiple instruments (like a violin and viola) together and then exporting them as a single track. The recorder isn't always the easiest thing to use, as it does weird things like making loops of different lengths or playing loops from different start times.

    Other than that, I look forward to the update and continue to love that app!

  • Thanks.
    It looks like you have been very busy...

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    @StormJH1, I didn't address the built-in looping stuff yet. Some of those "weird" things are intentional features (supporting different lengths, for one), but sometimes strange things can happen. Setting up specific looping options can help mitigate most of it (quantize start, or even fixed loop length). But I hear you.

  • Yaaaaaaa....
    8 instruments at the same time ....omg !!
    Velocity layering and new instruments?!!
    ...gonna be a lovely weekend!

  • Fixed sample loop crossfade issues

    Thank You!

  • Sounds like a fantastic update to an already terrific app!

  • Can't wait!!

  • @Sonosaurus: that's great news! Thumbjam is one of my favourite apps. i know it works nicely with Cubasis and other DAW's, but have you ever considered incorporating a multitrack sequencer and possibly audio tracks into Thumbjam?

    @JamMaestro: Thumbjam and JM will make a great couple ;)

  • @sonosaurus - No problem. It's mostly due to user error or inexperience. Certainly not a technical fix or "glitch", more like a design choice. Haven't done it in awhile, but I did figure out there was a "start over recording" button for when I messed up. Other times, the four corners buttons were different and I got like a "recording starts in 32...31...30" message and had to wait the pattern out so I could screw up again. But it does WORK. Thanks!

  • I've never made a demo for this but I almost did this morning, must be fate, I shall now wait for the update, one of favorite all time apps Thumbjam, one of those great things you can just pick up and jam with and the update sounds most excellent

  • Thanks @Sonosaurus!!! I can't tell you how long I've waited for the crossfade bug fixes!!!! :-)

  • Velocity layering support, cc2, this is awesome, great update.

  • @Audiojunkie, oh, you've told me! ;)

  • This and Cubasis updated coming next's like Father's Day came early for me!

  • @sonosaurus said:

    @Audiojunkie, oh, you've told me! ;)


  • One of the best iOS synths without a doubt. Bring it on.

    THUMBJAM is my favourite jam, even better than marmalade :-)
    Keep up the good work guys.

  • My go-to app for sticking the end of the iPhone in my mouth to do a Talkbox impression. Seriously though adding a Talkbox patch for this app would be killer.

  • ThumbUp for ThumbJam & can't wait for this update!

  • Wonderful stuff

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    @thesoundtestroom said:

    " I've never made a demo for this but I almost did this morning, must be fate, I shall now wait for the update, one of favorite all time apps Thumbjam, one of those great things you can just pick up and jam with and the update sounds most excellent"<

    This is a top 10 all time app. The updates rule! I hope Doug can unravel the ongoing and ever growing complexity a bit. ;)

  • Great news!
    @sonosaurus I have a bug with the MIDI input and output transpose settings, it resets all the time when i try to change it.
    Anyone with the same problem?

  • More precisely. the input and output midi transpose are stucked. i change settings and press the done button i go back to the midi menu again and all the settings remains in the previous state.

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