Anyone have problems with bs 16i and Beatmaker 2?

edited February 2013 in Support and Feedback

Last night parts of the UI of bs 16i were disappearing and I had to touch the blank spaces on bs 16i's UI to make the various function tabs appear.

Also bs 16i kept resetting and was generally very glitchy and ran like my iPad had a virus, with the sound fonts reverting randomly back to the defaults rendering it worthy of deletion.

Has anyone else had this whilst using it with BM 2 ?


  • I've had it work kinda glitchy with Cubasis at times. I think loading some of those soundfonts can be quite memory intensive. Try a hard reset (hold the HOME button and LOCK button until you see the Apple logo and let it restart) of your iPad prior to a session and see if it still has it's glitchiness.

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