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New original song, 100% iOS

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Wrote this a while back, and today my wife is out of town, staying ovver night with a friend, so I figured why not be really tired at work tomorrow... :-)

Here's the result, hope you enjoy.


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    Like the vocal but the lyrical content is what stands out to me. That bass sounds good and smooth, nice spacial layout with the guitars. I liked the lead work at 3:20. What apps did you use on this?

    Good work.

  • Thanks.

    I recorded in GB, used the built in amps for the electrics. There's also some iGrand and Gallileo. Tweaked the whole thing a little in Audio Mastering.

    The acoustics are mic'ed, and the bass is direct in.

  • I like this, especially the guitar sound (both acoustic and electric) and the laid back tempo. Comfortable to listen to! How did you do the electric guitar (and which guitar)? :)

  • For the backing guitar (electric) I use a GB ampsim called britpop, (vox sim), only thing I changed was the tremolo, and then I added some reverb.

    I don't remember the name of the ampsim I used for the lead, but it was some kind of Marshall sim. I'm at work right now, but I can check later. For the lead I added lots of overdrive,reverb and delay. I tend to do that to mask my playing :-)

    Both are played on a Squier Classic Vibe Custom tele.

    Glad you liked it!

  • Good work fella.. Decent track.

  • I'll be damned! This is really good :)

  • Even more so because i'm picky about vocals... lol And yours pleased me

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    Nice work bud! Not a fan of the GarageBand sims, but this just goes to show that apps, instruments, and equipment are all just tools, and almost anything be used well.

    The vocal work is very nice and unique.

    Also, word up to a fellow Squier player! Classic Vibe is nice enough to rival many MIM and MIA Fenders, but my '95 Squier Bullet (they were nicer back then) with some small upgrades remains probably my favorite guitar, and I have "nicer" ones. Got a Tom Petty vibe from the solo, and I say that in a good way, since I seem to play "Mary Jane's Last Dance" for some reason every other time I pick up an electric.

    Anyway, well done!

  • Damn nice production. We can safely say that iOS is a match, and then some, for professional studios nowadays.

  • Great all around! I'm glad you didn't overplay the solo. And as others have said, the vocals are really nice.

  • Again... thanks for all the nice comments!

    @StormJH1 Yep, the Squiers are good guitars. More than once people have said to me: "Wait, is that a... Squier?! But it sounds so... good?" :-)

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