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Cool new old interface

I needed a small interface to do a vocal recording session tomorrow so that I didn’t need to unrack my Apollo x8. It’s really hard to find things in stock right now if you need them quickly, so I searched Craigslist and found someone selling an old apogee mini-me in Chelsea (NYC, not England). I paid $125 for it. Research showed it was class compliant and it worked fine with my Mac when I went to test it. When I got home, I decided to try it with iPad using the usb3 CCK and got the “requires too much power” message even though the mini me has a power supply. Im happy to report that it works well with iOS though with a hub in between the mini me and the cck. The it worked fine even when the hub was not connected to power.

So, the preamps sound quite good and there is a compressor and limiter onboard that has preset curves and threshold. It can also accept an instrument input on either channel. Line inputs need to be connected by xlr according to the manual as it automatically adjusts impedance and gain settings for instruments when a 1/4” is plugged in.

You need one that has the usb connection- there are some without any computer connection that just have AES and spdif out, as well as some with FireWire, but this one has the usb installed. So, if you see one for not a lot, it can be a good audio solution for iOS.


  • Hey, thanks a lot! Been eyeing at this one for ages and forgot about it, good to know it's class compliant.

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    Didn‘t even know there were versions beyond S/PDIF... o:)
    $125 is a great deal.

  • I was surprised at the class compliant aspect also, that’s not the norm with apogee. Usually their interfaces require custom drivers, as do many others.

    And I was surprised at the price as well, but what was even better was I bought it from a woman who is a VO artist in the city who is not very technically oriented, and part of what I do now is help artists who are not very technically oriented get a better understanding of their home studio or do the technical tasks for them so they can just create. She was very cool and we had a great conversation. She was happy that the mini me was going to have a useful life still and I was happy to meet another artist who needs some technical support.

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