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FabFilter Timeless 3 - download 133 ADDITIONAL presets (filters and modulation only)

Timeless 3 provides incredibly deep filter and modulation capabilities. The presets here are not using the delay functionality of Timeless at all. (Except that we are forced to add an initial delay - see below.)
These patches are inspired from presets found in a half dozen filter apps. Thus I claim neither originality nor faithfulness in reproduction. The two-character prefixes group the patches by originating apps, helping to keep related presets together.

See also: for the initial preset pack.

How to Install the attached presets:
Since the FabFilter folks do not support direct export or import of presets in iOS at this time, we need to take the workaround of exporting (and 'importing') AUM presets. Of note, once you have subsequently saved a preset directly in Timeless 3, you can then use it in other hosts as well.

Principle of the install:
The directory
'On My iPad' -> 'AUM' -> 'Audio Unit Presets' -> '466162464633547361756D66'
must contain the Timeless 3 presets (*.aum_aupreset files) for AUM to find and use them.

If this is the first time you are installing Timeless 3 AUM presets:

  • using the Files app:
  • unzip the attached Zip file and
  • move the '466162464633547361756D66' directory to under
    'On My iPad' -> 'AUM' -> 'Audio Unit Presets'

If you have previously installed or created Timeless 3 AUM presets (e.g. from the 169 presets pack)

  • if you do not need them any longer:
    -- then move, rename, or delete the above preset directory
    -- proceed per the first-time-install note above

  • else, you need to add the individual *.aum_aumpreset files to the preset directory instead:
    -- using the Files app:
    -- go into the '466162464633547361756D66' directory that is created by unzipping the Zip file
    -- perform 'Select All' on the 133 *.aum_aupreset files
    -- move them directly into:
    'On My iPad' -> 'AUM' -> 'Audio Unit Presets' -> '466162464633547361756D66'

Of note: if you already had made AUM presets for Timeless 3, then moving the directory
466162464633547361756D66 to under 'On My iPad' -> 'AUM' -> 'Audio Unit Presets' will not work any longer! (If you do this, a new directory '466162464633547361756D66 2' will be created from what you had moved.)

How to use:
On the 'Timeless 3' plugin window in AUM, open the hamburger menu with the AUM presets (upper left corner, 4th icon from the left). Once you have subsequently saved a preset directly in Timeless 3, it will become available in other hosts as well.

All of the presets are provided with fully wet settings.

Note the following when you want to mix in dry content:
Since Timeless is a delay app, we need to minimally run on a 5ms delay to engage the filter flow. Thus if you want to mix in dry content, your options are:

  • open up the mix directly to add dry content (assuming you are fine with the 5ms delay on the wet side)
  • or else use the presets on an AUX bus and add a 5ms delay for the dry signal to synch up both audio paths


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