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Idea for new generative Midi app - any developers willing to take a look?

Hi all,

Sure many of you love generative midi apps that are different and I've seen an app which is available as a NI Reaktor app which I think would be a great idea for iOS. Maybe someone (thinking of you @cem_olcay ) could take a look and put together something like this.

The app is called Midi Grid and allows you to create patterns within a matrix that are self evolving and are set to a scale chosen by the user - euclidean or stochastic in nature. I think this would be perfect for a small iOS app.

Anyone have any thoughts?

Link to app:


  • _ki_ki
    edited June 2021

    Accordingo the apps video it‘s quite simular to Rozeta s Collider plugin, where ‚balls‘ generate notes from a given scale when hitting the ‚walls‘ - they also can bounce off each other.

  • So, it looks similar and does have some of the same traits, but the midi grid has the ability to preset certain patterns leading to the ability to replay similar sequences. I did look at Collider, but realised that midi grid had more control and the ability to determine your own “rules” based on how you set up the grid. Good shout though.

    Would be good if we had a midi grid that allowed us to send each row to separate midi channels. Could create some interesting polyrhythms.

  • He has also created another midi grid device called Hexcel, which is also interesting:

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