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Anyone else a bit sorry for ditching Gadget?

Gadget was my first musical love on the ipad. I still like it, it’s rock solid and fast for what it does. Bought way too many IAPs and now it’s sitting there because quality hosts has arrived. I can’t go back to that TERRIBLE reverb, the three-band EQ and 16 bars limit. Don’t even mention trying to deal with audio clips. Or the fact that it’s audible that all sounds are Korg made unless efforts are made.

Either Korg should implent AU support and better audio handling or make their gadgets into AUs, imho. What do you think?

Whats do you hope Korg outputs on ios in the future?
  1. Gadget 3 with AUv3 support55 votes
    1. AUv3 of current IAP synths
    2. A brand new AUv3 VA synth
    3. Other


  • Gadget was like a trip to an all inclusive resort. Nice while it lasted but can’t stay there forever.

  • If you just use it for what it's good at, Gadget is fantastic. Layering and EQing sounds gets you quite far, plus importing my own samples made quite a difference.
    I'm still enjoying using it and I don't think that will end soon.

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  • I'm waiting for it to support AUv3's. Module Pro is helping me use my Korg investments.
    But Gadget with AUv3 would get me to re-install it.

    The lack of unlimited audio recording is also a serious constraint since I don't think of music as a collection of loops.

    But it's a perfect Gadget if that's your thing. I prefer a traditional studio approach and even better... the construction set that is AUM.

  • I still use it from time to time, I don't try to complete and mix full songs with it, never have, never will, I record in it then export Ableton projects and finish there or even export from Ableton to ProTools, or just export the clips as audio files to use in other apps like Blocs wave or even content for my MPC Live 2. Same with Groovebox. They're both great for starting ideas in then exporting to Ableton imo.

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  • In many ways, I do miss Gadget. Then again, I don't miss its limitations, its mostly subpar IFX, etc. I actually liked the "Korg sound" Gadget produced, lol. Before Nanostudio 2, Gadget was my go-to. That, and I still needed Auria Pro to mix stems since, back then, it was the only app with sidechain support.

    I need to redownload Module again. I keep forgetting Korg gave it AUv3 support, lol.

  • What’s happened to Gadget? It still works as usual here. What’ve I missed?

  • wimwim
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    @BCKeys said:
    It's a drastic choice for Korg :

    • Either they open their apps to AUv3 like they did with Module, and many people will abandon Gadget for classic DAWS. Maybe it's better for them to sell sound packs than keeping Gadget alive..

    • Either they open Gadget to AUv3 and they risk having less in-app purchases and lose stability.

    • Or they keep Gadget closed and renew their app and bring new features.

    • Or they don't invest anything further in Gadget and just take in the remaining incremental sales for very low cost of maintenance.

    Examples: iELECTRIBE, iMonoPoly, iPolySix, iKaossilator, iMS-20, iDS-10, ODESSEYi, iWAVESTATION ...
    (OK, most of them got freebie integration into Gadget, but other than that, they're just left alone.)

    The only exceptions being ELECTRIBE WAVE (somewhat half-hearted effort) and Module Pro (IAP pack vehicle).

    Gadget itself hasn't had any real feature additions in more than two years. I don't really expect it to either. More gadgets maybe, but that's probably it. It's just not characteristic of how Korg works. Plus, they've multiplied the effort of major changes because of the additional platforms they've taken on now.

    (BTW, this is not a criticism of Korg. It is a legitimate business strategy as far as I'm concerned, as long as they keep the apps running.)

  • Threw money at it. Never really used it. Can’t resell it. An iOS collector’s tale!

    My young son had a bit of fun with it for a while so I guess that’s something.

  • @u0421793 said:
    What’s happened to Gadget? It still works as usual here. What’ve I missed?

    You're just not trendy enough. Everybody who is anybody is abandoning it don't you know dahling?

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  • @BCKeys said:
    All your examples, including Gadget itself, have one thing in common: they’re all incredibly stable and do the job, no matter what we think !


  • Not sorry but then haven’t ditched Gadget and don’t plan to, it’s still going strong for me.

  • R_2R_2
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    Gadget is my main music app. Stable, hassle-free and fast workflow (only hate the cpu heat/battery consumption).
    Got all IAPs, spent many hours and still have plenty to discover/experiment.

  • I am only sorry that Korg never released Madrid as a standalone.
    Gadget and I never got on.

  • @u0421793 said:
    What’s happened to Gadget? It still works as usual here. What’ve I missed?

    Apparently Gadget has been canceled. I didn't get the memo either.

    Time to go back to SunVox with hat in hand.

  • @wim said:

    @u0421793 said:
    What’s happened to Gadget? It still works as usual here. What’ve I missed?

    You're just not trendy enough. Everybody who is anybody is abandoning it don't you know dahling?

    I hadn’t realised. It’s the only app I really use.

    Having said that, I’m not using iOS apps so much now, the whole scene is too confusing and complicated. I’m currently taking apart and remaking a bunch of songs I did a few years ago in Gadget, but remaking them entirely in LPX using hardware synths (a Behringer Cat, one of my three Oberheim Matrix 1000, and the Korg NTS-1). One thing that is now apparent to me is that Gadget makes me produce vastly more complicated compositions than I can actually use properly. I’ve had to simplify and strip down and delete most of the fancy incomprehensibility I created a few years ago. It should come with a warning that you won’t actually be able to use 90% of what you make in Gadget in the real world.

  • Love gadget, awesome collection of Korg sounds
    It’s environment forces you to be a bit more creative sometimes.

    Been a while since any update besides new sound packs though... hopefully they are cooking up some go go gadget advancements and improvements.

  • wimwim
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    I keep waiting for @ caspergomez to show up. This thread is the perfect platform for his seething fury over Gadget's direction. Got the popcorn maker all warmed up and ... nothin'. Darn.

  • A few months ago, I switched to cubasis. So much more freedom now but I really miss Phoenix and Dublin, I know I can dial them in via the iaa string and cup, but it’s such a faff. For layering, I do miss being able to summon as many Montpelier instances as I want but it’s made me consider what I’m trying to achieve rather than throwing synths at the problem.

    I always felt that gadget sounded a bit flat, it’s in built eq isn’t that great and I often found I had to lift up the upper mids when mixing with aum and other external synth apps.

    I definitely miss the stability, Gadget is rock solid. Cubasis crashes at least once per session, although it’s a quick restart, it can get a bit tiring, never had that with gadget.

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    I wish it had files app support for exports. And easier exporting of all stems at once.

    It’s too much of a walled garden. I’d use it as a sketch pad if it was easier to get stuff out without it asking you to connect your device to iTunes.

    And I’ve long since given up on Dropbox.

    add to that my favourite korg app (ielectribe) isn’t invited to the party and I find gadget very low down on the list of apps i turn to.

    Files app support would go a long way to fixing that.

    I’d much rather just have ims20 and iElecrribe as auv3s to be honest.

    The best thing about gadget is that it lets me use ims20 on my iPhone. But in reality it means I just don’t get to use ims20 (or ielectribe) as much as I’d like. But I have lots of other things I can use instead the way I’d like. There are lots of alternatives.

    Korg just haven’t kept pace with iOS development.

    Shame. Korg charge enough per plugin and gadget IAP that they should be reasonably profitable. Perhaps the audio market on iOS just doesn’t suit bigger companies.

    The indie developers have certainly shown them what can be done on iOS though and that’s without the allure of korg’s legacy.

  • i might still use it if the audio tracks were working right... im working with beatmaker now, and even though i have much better sampling tools and all the auv3s i want i gotta say i still miss it from time to time. I feel like i was faster with gadget and my tracks suprisingly dont sound much better now that i can stack a million fabfilter plugins on each channel.

  • Only thing I’d say about gadget is I wish more DAWs had portrait mode on iPhone.

  • Gadget could be Reason for iOS with a little careful planning in my mind however they seemed to intentionally limit its abilities and almost forget it.

  • I only use it occasionally, but I sure haven’t ditched it. It’s great at what it does.

  • I love it for times when I want to have fun making types of music that are not my strength (any type of edm basically). I don’t really need it to do anything else other than that, but I realize that is different for others.

  • I still love gadget.


    For korg, the effects are not my flavor. I don’t know why they haven’t added au fx support. Even if we have to stick with gadgetized synths I’m fine but i need better reverbs, tape effects and delays at least. I might even buy an iap if that would release a better suite of effects for gadget... its the biggest set back

    I really like the sequencer and workflow, it def isn’t AUM but what is LOL.... i get more songs in the finished catagory with gadget than anything else

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