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Benchmarks pro 2020 with new M1 iPad, with AUM ?


Is there a clear view on how it will increase / decrease CPU usage at the moment into AUM ?
Should it be more than 20% different ?

Is there some benchmarks with AUM + Moog instances, that sorts of things around here ?

Thanks for your feedback :)


  • Oups...Just found out they're not yet released... :D

  • will follow this thread for sure. 16 ram must be something !

  • I am super excited. Ordered a 8GB RAM 256GB M1 unit on the 30th. End of may is my delivery date.
    Highly interested to see the performance increase in comparison to my 2018 11 inch model.

  • I must say that I've preordered 2 128 Gb...To replace 3 Pro's 2018...

  • Pre-ordered m1 iPad with 16 gb ram. On current iPad Pro 2018, 6-8 instances of swam strings in aum will cause crackles and cpu spikes. Hopefully there’ll be a bit more headroom.

  • I bet difference won't be huge in AUM with the current air (maybe you will be able to hold one or two instances more), I was able to run 14 instances of swam horns. Strings may be more computational though.
    It should be worlds apart in cubasis where the app makes the most out multi core setups :smile:

  • Hi all- I just wanted to weigh in on this thread. I have a 2TB M1 Gen5 iPAD with 16gigs of RAM. I can say without a doubt that there is quite a bit of additional overhead. I replaced a 3rdGen 2018 iPAD and I have compared the two on a 10 track AUM file. For reference I am running it with instances of DrumComputer (which is quite processor heavy), Slammer, Mood Units, Spacecraft and Stria. The remaining tracks are inputs to external synths with effects including a Mother32, DFAM, Behringer Neutron, and my iPhone running Animoog. All of this sends to an A BUS with Magic Deatheye Stereo and Fabfilter ProQ.

    The 2018 Gen3 iPAD CPU usage when running all this generally hovered somewhere around 56-58%, sometimes a bit more depending on how many effects were engaged. The new 2021 M1 Gen5 2T iPAD handles this effortlessly with CPU usage around 34-36% on the same AUM file. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting that much gain in overhead especially with Drum Computer and Slammer running, both can be quite CPU intense. I am continuing to test this on my other AUM files and can report back if there is interest.

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