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Auto-recording anything I play on a Mac

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I have an 88-key weighted controller hooked up to my Mac, controlling a grand piano (Synthogy Ivory stand-alone) on the Mac.

I’d like to be able to auto-record anything I play on it, without having to press Record first. Basically everything would get recorded 24/7, without me having to think about it.

Ideally, it automatically starts recording when I start playing, and stops recording a minute or so after I stop playing. So there would be one file auto-generated per “recording session”. I’m fine with a MIDI-based solution, or an audio-based solution.

Any clever, simple solutions you can think of?


  • That's a tough one. Audacity has audio threshold recording ability. That might work, but there's no control over how long it pauses after being below threshold. Might work though.

  • Does it have MIDI out? Maybe you can use something to monitor MIDI notes in the full range of keys and get it to trigger start of recording for a DAW?

    Stopping might be more difficult though as I’m not sure what to use as a timer.

  • Many DAW have scripting language. Maybe you can find a midi input detect to start recording as mentioned above. What’s your available DAW?

  • Maybe these guys can help? ..maybe with in combo with an automated script or something? Haven't tried it just thinking....

  • You’re playing midi, right? Both Logic and Ableton can record midi into a rolling buffer. I think Ableton even does it by default. Then, when you play something good, you hit a button to keep the it.

  • Logic is always listening. If you want to keep the recording hit the record button.

  • @mistercharlie said:
    You’re playing midi, right? Both Logic and Ableton can record midi into a rolling buffer. I think Ableton even does it by default. Then, when you play something good, you hit a button to keep the it.

    This. Ableton auto records but im not sure how long its buffer is

  • Thank you all for the creative solutions. For my setup, it needs to be fully automated, no clicking a mouse to save, etc. It’s a Mac Mini with no screen, mouse or keyboard. I remote into it to manage it, or occasionally connect a monitor.

    I hadn’t considered using MIDI as the trigger for recording audio in a DAW or Audacity. I like that. I have Ableton Live 9 on the Mac, so might be able to use that, and have used Audacity for years.

    Based on googling some of the suggestions, it seems that what I want to do is similar to a surveillance recorder that I just happen to use for music.

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    Backtrack will auto record everything for up to 5 hours (starts at startup, no buttons, auto-saves), and if you’d like to specifically schedule then Audio Hijack from Rogue Amoeba can also be set to startup with the Mac, and you can set recording timers to auto-record from anywhere, or anytime, even set up recordings that start/stop at specific times or intervals, and set to detect silence after a defined time and stop recording.

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    Ableton auto records a 10 minute midi buffer, which resets as soon as you print the recording (capture midi) .. It’s an elegant solution, as it often sets appropriate loop points automatically — so you can play on top of your new loop, capture again when you get it right — and keep additively building upon your foundation, seamlessly.

    Logic Pro X also has auto midi capture, but the last I tried it, it wasn’t quite as sophisticated as Ableton’s implementation. (I also believe you have to enable Logic’s capture feature in settings, where Ableton’s is on by default)

    Pretty sure Cubase has a similar feature too, but I haven’t tried that one.

  • A hardware version:

    A great idea but, that price!

  • Not what you want, but for others, and for reference, one could use a voice dictation app like "Dictate + Connect" with audio-threshold recording

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