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A little guitar tune through AUFX:Space

edited May 2014 in Creations

Suddenly, I sat there with my iPhone, plugged a guitar to it (system input), fired up Audiobus, AUFX:Space and Multitrack DAW. Then this tune came out of my headphones :)

Can I add support for iPhone on my wishlist for Crystalline? My iPhone is jealous on my iPad :)


  • Lovely sounds! :)
    p.s.: what do you mean by "system input"?

  • Thanks :)

    I didn't use any guitar amp, just "System Audio Input" as input in Audiobus

  • Ah, OK, thanks! :)

  • Nice sound. I know what you mean....I can't have my iPhone in the same room as my iPad. ;-)

  • rcfrcf
    edited May 2014

    Just beautiful ...did you use one of the presets?

  • :)

    @rcf said:

    Just beautiful ...did you use one of the presets?

    Thank you :)
    I used "Infinite Swirl" with reduced dry/wet mix, room size and maybe a little bit on "swirl"

  • It's a nice subtle 'swirl' ...I didn't notice it at first ;-) Less is often more, as I'm also finding with Crystalline ...after a couple of days of over the top shimmer heaven :-)

    Just bought AUFX Space after hearing your demo. Would love to hear more btw.

  • Totally agree on less is more. Sometimes it is fun being in "shimmer heaven" though :)

    I got a iPad 2, so my borrowed guitar interface with lightning stops me from using Crystalline, yet ;)


  • Very nice. Mellow.

  • edited May 2014

    Inspiration is a funny thing. I like the laid back feel to this tune.If you still have the Martin you used to create Guitar Capo+, I'd enjoy hearing that.

  • Thank you! Good idea, I'll try to figure out something. Once a Martin owner, always a Martin owner :)

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