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Calling Motu M series users

Hey guys super crazy question. My iPhone 7 Plus shit below 256 samples at 96k tracking guitars through overloud thu and audio evolution mobile

Tried my iPhone 11 and it’s fuckin smokkkkin. 96k 32samples no problem. My ryzen 5 3rd gen can’t even do that.

Any idea why this is?!

Are we able to test RTL on iOS? Anyone tried and have results?


  • I suppose the obvious answer is that the iPhone 11 is way more powerful than the 7 in every respect. Is there a particular reason that you're tracking at 96k? That's much harder on the device than 44.1 or 48. IMO, for music, 44.1 @ 24 bit resolution is perfect. I believe that 48/96 is typically used for video.

    BTW, I've been using a MOTU M4 since it was released. You made a great choice.

  • the only reason is to check to see if i feel any difference in round trip latency when monitoring amp sims that’s all. i dropped down to 48 and 32 samples and it’s working just swell. i hear a difference or else i’m being tricked lolol

  • i definitely do need to restart overloud after sample rate changes or else it does not sound right

  • edited April 9

    You should use Roundtrip Latency Meter app from Onyx:

    Differences can be huge between interfaces despite iOS class compliant support, here Scarlett Solo Gen 3 vs IRig Pro IO on 7 Plus (same results on iPad Air 3):

    On Laptop with 48 kHz 32 buffers, Solo goes down to measured 5 ms RTL while iRig can’t go below 15 ms!!

    On iOS, AUM results can’t be trusted, iRig was around 7 ms in AUM report but it’s 17 ms in Onyx app.

    You certainly feel the difference, especially with fast and rythmic playing with a processed acoustic instrument like guitar or in my case sax.

    Motu M series should give good results too. Reasons I choose Scarlett is for availability and Windows drivers stability.

  • As an alternative to my previous post, you can measure RTL by recording output to input in AUM, and looking at attack offset in AudioShare editor. Here with a drum kick, 17 ms latency with iRig Pro IO at 44.1/64 buffers, same results as Onyx app:

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