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Tin / BLEASS Alpha

edited April 4 in Creations

Well, I can finally say with pride... this sounds pretty tinny. Inspired by @RedSkyLullaby’s patch, Runaway Child, in Alpha. Plus 2 tracks Tera Synth, Digiatslism2000 and SWAM Bb French Horn and Trumpet.


  • Have you been watching John Carpenter movies? :lol: This would go well with one of them...
    I really love how you deliver these tracks without percussion... sounds so great :love:

  • Tin - Sn (from Latin: stannum) and atomic number 50.

    Go forth an Sn no more, @LinearLineman.

    I get the John Carpenter vibe too from the intervals chosen - minor 3rds - so good for
    moody film scores. Bernard Hermann pioneered it's use in his film scores and most
    that came after are riff'ing on his great music. Of course, the first use of the technique might
    be Holst's Planets... most epic film music borrows from Holst, Elgar and Saint-Saens.

  • @senhorlampada, agreed. Part of the lack of percussion has been a midi problem between Lumbeats and Cubasis3. But I’ve found a workaround that allows me to use them again. Please listen to posted Aurum and, shortly, Plutonium, if you would be so kind. Both have 5/4 Future Drummer beats against a 4/4 tonal body. Thanks for the eon of list!
    @McD , the Carpenteresque vibe is due to @RedSkyLullaby’s preset, mostly, I think. I guess the intervals just came unconsciously.

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