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Post yer photography

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Front yard



  • Driving to work when a gleam caught my eye
    Hit the brake with a shake had my camera nearby
    So I snapped and I snapped taking pic after pic
    And when all the dust settled I knew this would stick
    ‘Cause a giant sized woodbot with lasers attached
    Fought his way to the foreground on film I did catch
    Such a spectacle right by the side of the road
    With a laugh I returned to my motive abode
    And like that he retreated no longer in sight
    But he lives once again for the Forums delight...

  • Actually just took these yesterday at the Botanical Gardens in my city

  • All analogue here. I’ve been experimenting with various alt techniques recently. This is a salt print - one of the oldest photography processes.

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    @ajmiller That's really cool 👍

    These pictures taken while walking the dog in my town (by the beach obviously), iPhone 12:

    And the the dog, for good measure :)

  • Good looking pooch. Better looking town! 🎟🌊

  • @Obo said:
    Good looking pooch. Better looking town! 🎟🌊

    Thanks! Yes the town and the dog are both beautiful.

    @klownshed very nice, the tree looks like an infra-red with the white leaves.

  • @richardyot Thank you - can't beat the seaside for some great shots and great looking dog btw (we have a Sprocker who's not too well at the moment but that's another story)

  • @klownshed great b&w - is a Holga involved?

  • @ajmiller said:
    @richardyot Thank you - can't beat the seaside for some great shots and great looking dog btw (we have a Sprocker who's not too well at the moment but that's another story)

    I feel you, mine is a working cocker who recently suffered from calcified discs, which meant reduced exercise. A working dog who can't get enough exercise is a nightmare to have around the house 😮

    Hope your sprocker (that sounds like a high-energy hybrid BTW) gets better!

  • @ajmiller said:
    @klownshed great b&w - is a Holga involved?

    Yeah well spotted. The third one of the little hut was taken with a Holga 120. The last one is also medium format film, in this case a Bronica.

  • My goodness we have some clever people wandering around on this forum ... good ears AND good eyes! Some truly excellent pics here folks.

  • These are cribbed from my IG account as I’m away from my computer.

  • Wouldn't call myself a photographer but sometime I take really close up pictures of my instruments and effects pedals in low light!

    Here's one my wife Saydyy took recently that I think is pretty good (she's a better photographer than me!):

  • My online photo gallery is

  • This is only photo Iv ever taken. Was at beach at 6am. Sky were weird so I went back home to get camera ( not many mega pixel ) Sky were like this when I returned. Felt weird being there.

  • A dragon flying around?

    Lucky I had a hut made of spear like projectiles nearby.

  • Evening cycle ride along the Royal Docks where I live

  • @blueveek said:
    Oh! Here's some of mine:

    @DavidEnglish said:
    My online photo gallery is

    Both terrific.

  • Good pics everyone!
    Took my son fishing last weekend.

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    Funny story I took this yesterday I was at a convenience store and noticed it across the street walked over took a few photos and an employee said why are you taking photos, in a series voice, I said art, and we both laughed. It’s obviously had a couple effects applied.

  • A few b&w portraits

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    All taken by me in the last couple of years on a pocketable Canon digital camera. The speaker horns which I have adopted as my logo are the tidal bore warning system at Arnside. The stairs are the Ashton Memorial in Lancaster’s Williamson Park. The tombstone like thing is a spillway at a local reservoir; the seascape is taken from the stone pier at Morecambe Bay. The tree branch was in a local nature reserve. I like to get one or two printed out on good quality photo paper A3 or bigger every year, and framed, to make my own little memory gallery at home.

  • @DavidEnglish @klownshed @mungbeans Love the black and white

    @CRAKROX Love the color and composition

    @sigma79 That is an amazing shot

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