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Beatcutter Released! Detailed walkthrough vid (Winners announced)

Beatcutter Released! Walkthrough vid premiere (Win 5 Copies of ANY Igor Vasiliev app!

App Store Link:

May take a few mins or hours to come to your store

This iOS (iPad) app has been described by Igor Vasiliev, its Russian developer, as the weirdest app ever. As someone who has made quite a few apps that could compete for that claim to fame - yes Fieldscaper, here’s looking at you - that is really quite a statement! In this very detailed tutorial walkthrough i demonstrate the main features of the app, let you hear some audio examples so you can decide for yourself how whacky it is, and give my frank review of the things I like and don’t, as well as some suggestions for improvements. After all is said and done, I am a fan of Igor’s spirit of exploration and way of thinking outside the box, but I do wish his interfaces and manuals were a bit more user-friendly! This is definitely the kind of app that would appeal to Hainbach fans and lovers of experimental music in general.

(Please note that Igor goes by the dev name ‘iMusicAlbum’ on the App Store.)

View in youtube itself to get timestamps.
I have 5 copies of ANY Igor Vasiliev app to give away to subscribers to my Youtube channel - details are in the pinned Youtube Comment)
Please note also that Igor may pop into the premiere live chat if he has time 👍



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    bulgarian -
    he's not russian:)

    in russian he should be
    Igor Vasilyev:)

  • gav: better ask 'im:)

  • Premiere has started, we have igor and a bunch of good folk in there, Doug too!

  • I'm intrigued by this one but will wait for reviews because it looks fiendishly complex to use.

  • Indeed!

    What's the verdict folks? To me, great concept, not the best interface, but hoping that mixer page and multi out comes soon

  • Here is the app store blurb, price is $15.99

    BeatCutter is an experimental multi-channel app for slicing and recombining sound based on rhythm. In the center of the app is a matrix of sample cells with smoothly reconfigurable recording, playback and control busses. This app is best for those who would like to experiment with long sound files or live instruments, creating chaotic constructions and patterns from sliced rhythm-driven samples.

    With this app you can create sound patterns and abstractions with the atmosphere of cyberpunk, industrial ambience or alien jungle. BeatCutter has an almost unlimited range of options for transformation of source audio. The kind of original sound does not really matter. It can be any tracks, external musical instruments or sound from other apps. The content of the source material and your settings will define the final result, which can range from futuristic IDM to abstract music for fill the living space and soundscapes for relaxation and meditation.

    Please note that this app does not contain exact presets for a specific result. It has many parameters that need to be set depending on the source material and just experimenting. But for an easy start, this app has a convenient editor of the template that consists of a set of numbers from 0 to 9 where each number defines the depth of change and the spreading of values of the parameter group. You can change any numbers in the template and hear the result, or use the randomizer for the entire template, then change some parameters and save the current state as a preset.

    How it works:

    At the core of the app is a matrix of 64 (8x8) cells in each of which a sample can be recorded. The sample matrix is controlled by 5 types of buses - Inputs, Triggers, Controls, Sequencer and Outputs.

    The audio signal for recording takes from 8 input buses, each of which can playback a file or be assigned to one of 4 channels of an external sound card or audio unit.

    Cell recording start and stop is controlled by 8 trigger buses. Each trigger can be assigned to a signal from any input bus or external channel. The trigger is activated when the signal exceeds the threshold. Each trigger has a band pass filter which selects frequency range in which the trigger will activating. The length of the record in the cell is defined either by a fixed value in beats or by activating and deactivating the trigger.

    The sequencer controls the playback of the cells. The sequencer can sync with the main BPM clock or change the step when activating its own trigger. The played sample is fed to one of the 8 output buses on which the cell is located.

    The output bus also process the signal with one of the audio effects, filter and echo modules. Next, for each of the 8 output signals, can set the output level, stereo panning, EQ and level to send to the main reverb. The output buses and main reverb are mixed for the external stereo output.

    Each cell has a set of parameters that define the playback speed of the sample, a bit mask of playback addressing that implements a kind of glitch effects and other parameters. For each group of 8 cells, these parameters are set by one of the 8 control buses.

    Another interesting feature is that for all 5 types of buses, 8 different modes of combining cells in the sample matrix can be set. This allows to create completely unusual configurations for recording, playing and controlling sample cells. Changes mode of buses and value of parameters are performed smoothly and it is possible to set the duration of this change. This options makes the transition sound even more amazing.

    • The next updates will add support for midi controllers, audio unit parameters and more new features. All updates will be free.

    You can find more information on BeatCutter and other experimental and audio processing apps at:

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    It makes a lot of sense knowing the developer is Russian. I mean, look at those industrial style UI and hardcore functions, Mother RRRussia style.
    Sunvox is another good example.

  • Well, waka said he is Bulgarian! Lemme ask him lol

  • @waka_x is talking out his arse. He's Russian lol

  • It's not the Russian, it's the Wu-Tang crushin'! BRING DA RUCKUS!

    Seriously though, props to @Gavinski for charging into battle with this one and being honest about his struggles.

  • Really, you had me at "the atmosphere of cyberpunk, industrial ambience or alien jungle."

  • Thanks man @telecharge, I'm more than pleased how this turned out given how hard a slog the manual was.

  • I actually LOLed when you said, "there are no less than 44 pages of sliders and shit like that".

  • @telecharge said:
    I actually LOLed when you said, "there are no less than 44 pages of sliders and shit like that".


  • Cool, multi-out is coming soon?

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    Will it be good sampling volcas? Volca drum/modular. Be good for voice? Always trying to add value to a volca.

  • This is CRAZY ! Completely destructures your track. Make something ...different...from what you put in. And it sound very natural, not “digital metallic” at all. Add a deep reverb like blackhole and you are in heaven...or hell

  • This app makes my brain go...


  • Vahalla

  • @auxmux said:
    Cool, multi-out is coming soon?

    Parameters exposed, and a mixer page are definitely coming. Last I checked he wasn't sure about multi out but I've asked again, would be great

  • @sigma79 said:
    Will it be good sampling volcas? Volca drum/modular. Be good for voice? Always trying to add value to a volca.

    Good for mangling anything as long as u dig crazy shit

  • @cuscolima said:
    This is CRAZY ! Completely destructures your track. Make something ...different...from what you put in. And it sound very natural, not “digital metallic” at all. Add a deep reverb like blackhole and you are in heaven...or hell

    Yeah! Its own reverb is very good too, Igor was famous for one of his reverb apps here in the community, think it is not in the store now though. But yeah, a bit of Alteza or Blackhole would be fantastic

  • @Samu said:
    This app makes my brain go...


    Haha! Great vid, very apt

  • Just watched it - this thing is crazy! Crazy in a good way though.

  • I appreciate the amount of work that goes into making a new app (trust me, I really do), but I have no time for apps that make production needlessly more difficult.

  • I'm a bit torn on this one. Beatslicing\mangling is definitely in my wheelhouse, but I'm not settled on how easily it is to get musical results without a) A degree in computer science b) Spending so much time on getting it to do what I want that the moment of inspiration disappears.

    Also, will it end up sounding like Soundscaper and Fieldscaper ... I already have enough digital craziness from those two.

    Hmmm ...

  • @Gavinski Is it possible to save the entire current settings as an AUM preset, if not an app preset? I guess if AUv3 state saving is supported then, it shoudl be possible. I'd hate to have to dial all those settings in again.

  • @craftycurate either works - you can save them as AUM presets for example, no need to save a whole session

  • One part of your approach that I really admire and appreciate is that you do not shy away from giving your opinions.

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