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Multitrack DAW and Nlog troubles

edited December 2012 in App Tips and Tricks

I still have to figure out how to record in Multitrack DAW, couldn't make it until now (source on Thumbjam and all but just recording a blank track, with 2 tracks per instrument I end up with only one track automatically created in named Thumbjam instrument 2), same thing using Drumjam as the input despite in both case I have the Audiobus control panel and pushed the record button (turned green) then play button (record turned red). When I stopped and went to Multitrack DAW to hear the result, no joy, a blank track in play mode...

As for Nlog, using it in Audiobus (as an input or a filter) literally shut its sound down (the app sound mysteriously disappeared, volume and all unchanged). Nlog did not even sound after I closed everything and reopened it... I came back a long time later (more than an hour) when I tried again (and believe me I tried and tried before this...).

Same kind of thing with Jamup Lite, opening it as a filter makes it either not starting at all (background image of the app appears then the screen goes back to Audiobus) or silencing the audio path (despite the arrows blinking to indicate everything is connected...)

Am I missing something? (I'm probably)


  • edited December 2012

    Hi Mat,

    Maybe you're missing something but first of all: reboot your iPad, that fixes many problems.

    Then: please contact Rolf (he makes NLog) about the filtering issue:

    The PositiveGrid guys can be reached at

    They'll probably know if your settings are wrong or if it's really a bug. If they can't help, we'll have to sit down together with them and figure this out.

    Does that help a bit (for now)?

  • Thanks,

    I'm sadly not on an iPad, my small screen is an iPod touch 3rd gen...

    I'm trying the reboot thing right now. (besides, I used an other threads trick: erasing and reloading Audiobus made Drumjam and Thumbjam appear in the list BUT without the arrow allowing to select the outupt type (main, one per instrument, 2 per instrument...).

  • No joy with the rebooting magic...

    BTW Nlog doesn't seem to work as an input either: it turns to sleep mode right after being launched... not sure where it comes from (NLog or Audiobus side) but I will inform Rolf about it too...

  • Mat,

    A third generation iPod is not going to be able to run these apps without the issues that you're experiencing. We've added a note in the app description suggesting users only use iPhone 4S, iPad 2 or newer devices and we have no way to effectively exclude users with older devices from downloading our app.

    Sadly Apple insists on displaying "compatible with ... all kinds of older hardware" on iTunes which doesn't help either, since we can't change it.

    So my suggestion would be to upgrade your device to an iPhone 4s, iPad mini, iPod Touch 5th gen, iPad 4 or iPhone 5. Those devices will run Audiobus just fine.

  • That's really not cool. The app description is only stating "Note: We recommend using Audiobus with iPad2, iPhone 4s etc...", not "the app will not deliver at all on 3rd gen devices"... (you list indeed the iPod 3rd gen, maybe on apple insistence... but that's not really my business...).

    I don't think this is a proper way of conducting business, I now have a useless 9euro something piece of software sitting on my device reminding me how much I wanted the features in question, providing instead roughly what I already had with background audio...

    As you have noted with my previous posts/questions/reactions, I'm not the kind of person to shout and yell and curse and blame the minute a app is out and not perfect, but more a person willing to have a good software experience and ready to help the devs as much as possible with coherent and precise feedback on the normal flaws of new products. But here I feel ripped off... And as I wrote above that's really not cool...

  • Submit a refund request, it's possible.

  • Thanks for the tip, I never heard of (or needed) such a possibility,. Where can it be done (looked inside itunes after reading you post but didn't find anything...)?

  • Just contact iTunes Connect Support and go from there:

    Here's an explanation to why we're even having this discussion here:

    We as developers can't limit the device range. We can only require certain things to exclude devices.

    Example: Require a camera so iPad 1 users can't buy it.
    Problem is: if you do that in an audio app, users are going to think we're bullshitting them, buy it through iTunes and then complain that it's not running fast enough.
    Happened to csGrain (Filter app).

    So we're only left with options that either annoy users because they buy stuff that won't run or annoy users by requiring stuff in our apps that doesn't make sense, which users immediately circumvent… because they don't like to be bullshitted.
    What we need is Apple requiring users to provide some sort of proof that they actually own the divice the app they're currently buying will run on just fine, even when they buy it through a Mac or PC.
    But to be honest that won't work either, because users are much too smart and will immediately circumvent it.
    It'd be nice of Apple to let us chance the stupid requirements area on the left side of the screen. That'd be a step forward. But they don't let us.

  • Thank you for your answer.

    Although I understand you point, as I wrote above, the note on the app description is clearly not enough of a warning for the incapacity of 3rd gen devices to properly run the app.

    Anyway and as much as I would have loved to participate to the Audiobus revolution, I'm not in a position allowing me to invest hundreds of euros in new hardware to benefit from your app.



  • That's understandable. Please also understand that we are not the ones putting the "compatible devices" content on the left side of the overview of the App in iTunes. Apple is. We'd love to turn that stuff off or adjust it to the real requirements.

  • First of all, sorry about borrowing the NoiseHorse name, I couldn't resist. Secondly, I have had problems with a simple Nlog to MTDaw hookup on my wimpy Iphone4 with no S. I have found some improvement by maxing out the latency on Multitrack DAW. Do you think there are some settings that people could tweak to improve performance on slower machines?

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