İnstant cut of the signal flow to output app


I am using latest Audiobus app. I own an iPad 4 and Roland Duo Capture Ex audio/midi interface. For instance, I have Sunrizer, Chordpolypad, Funkbox and system input in my INPUT box. And I have Loopy HD in my OUTPUT box.

I send sustained MIDI CC's for chords (by pressing pads on Chordpolypad) to Sunrizer. If I want to record this output of Sunrizer to a Loopy track, no problem. But if I just want it to be sustained (or arpeggiated) in background without having recorded it into a loop and want to record my guitar through system input, Loopy records both my guitar and Sunrizer as expected. In order to prevent that, I eject Sunrizer from Audiobus for instance while it still continues to produce sound in background, then I record my guitar, and then I reconnect Sunrizer to Audiobus. It is a tricky process though.

This can be done with Sunrizer which goes on playing in background. However I could not manage it with FunkBox for ex. Whenever I eject FunkBox, the ongoing rhythm loop ceases to play until I recall FunkBox window on iPad. I guess FunkBox does not play in background as Sunrizer does.

Anyway, after telling the whole story in detail, I want to ask for sth. Is there any way in Audiobus just to cut the signal flow of individual apps to output box for instance without muting the app in background to manage this scenario? It is like changing the train rails' direction. Such a feature could be very handy.

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  • I have recently bought multi routing feature hoping that it would help me in the scenario I mentioned above. If I would have setup another pipeline with same input apps except my system input and sent it to system output, then I would have been able to eject one instance (the second below) of Loopy, preventing the signal flow of apps into Loopy but leaving only system output pipeline and my guitar to Loopy pipeline on the go. So totally 3 pipelines.

    1. System input -> Loopy
    2. Apps I use -> Loopy
    3. Apps I use -> System output

    However, Audiobus does not let us re-use an app for input. :(

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