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OT: alternatives to Faderfox MX12/LaunchControl for hands-on control of multiple Ableton faders?

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I have a LaunchControl XL which gives me the ideal live simultaneous control via usb MIDI of 8 channels of Ableton, and I can of course page through in sets of 8 channels, but as my workflow progresses, I find myself wanting more immediate hands-on of up to 16 channels at once, without having to page through, so I can record a dynamic mix of my stems as they play - a Launchcontrol XXXL would be the dream.

The very pricey but reputedly excellent Faderfox MX12 gets me to 12 faders. Or I could get another LaunchControl XL to use side by side with the one I already have. But I’m not sure it would be autorecognised by Ableton - a significant plus point for the current single XL - unless it directly connects to my MacBook - experiments attempting to use controllers via powered USB expanders attached to the MBP have been disappointing, and I’m all out of direct USB ports in my current setup.

Ideally I need a single control surface, faders not knobs, (I’ll be getting a BCR32 when that comes out for all my knob twiddling needs).

The fader device either needs to offer 16 immediate channels of control itself, or be a smaller unit capable of being daisy chained in such a way that it presents multiples of itself or combinations of itself coupled to other controllers as a single device at a single MBP USB port. Does such a thing exist?


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    I just plugged in 2 LCXLs to an iMac via an ESI M4Uex MIDI hub and both were instantly recognised by Ableton. Although I had already used them individually previously so that may have helped.

    They both defaulted to controlling the first 8 tracks however and it would be interesting to see if there are any articles out there on using dual LCXLs for 1-16 channels.

    This may require editing the controller script that Ableton has natively fo the LCXL or maybe there is a MaxForLive device available to do the job.

  • handy with a soldering iron?

  • Two XLs should work. I've debated getting a second one. The 16nfaderbank can be bought pre-assembled through Michigan Synth Works and others. But limited to faders only.

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    @SpookyZoo , @auxmux @AlmostAnonymous : hmm - the options offered seem a little above my tech nerd pay grade, unfortunately.

    In the interim, I’ve taken a look at the Behringer X Touch and it’s expander - these look like much more my speed, and together aren’t much more than the FaderFox on its’ own. Plus, I can get them in instalments, as it were, and add the Behringer XR18 at the back end of the year, finances permitting. This looks a lot more do-able, I think. Thanks anyway all for bringing these other options to light. Interested if anyone out there has experience of the Behringer kit being used in Ableton control mode?

    This vid seems quite persuasive, albeit the kit clearly has some limitations:

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