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What is Audiobus?Audiobus is an award-winning music app for iPhone and iPad which lets you use your other music apps together. Chain effects on your favourite synth, run the output of apps or Audio Units into an app like GarageBand or Loopy, or select a different audio interface output for each app. Route MIDI between apps — drive a synth from a MIDI sequencer, or add an arpeggiator to your MIDI keyboard — or sync with your external MIDI gear. And control your entire setup from a MIDI controller.

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Audiobus is the app that makes the rest of your setup better.

Discovery of this Rabbit Hole...

...and, it's deep!

How this happened: I play bass (mostly) and some keys (occasionally) in a classic rock/pop bar band. I've had a Nord Stage 2 for a few years. It's amazing. I'm not. I only use piano, piano/bass split, wurly/bass split, Rhodes, B3, & a couple misc.

When rehearsal sessions start back up, we plan on having a room pre-configured with extra gear so we waste less time moving stuff in and setting up. So, I went looking for a cheaper (hammer action) keyboard rig to keep in the room. I found a great deal on a Studiologic SL-990pro. Simple. It works. Next, a cheap sound module. To the internet!

Wait, what's this!? iPad!? Audiobus forum!?! Sound apps?!!? What the...? AUM?!? Plug-in whizzy widgets!?!! Hold on a minute. Quickly, I dig out an old iPad Mini 2 collecting dust, try to download an app or two, attempt three, AUM won't load (iOS too old, mini obsolete). Buy an app or two, try a few demo apps. AUv3 seems to be desirable. And on, and on. Anyway, you get the idea.

I'm completely amazed and convinced this is the solution I need. It's flexible, expandable, & upgradable (I think). Plus, I can configure it at home and just take the iPad to rehearsal. Perfect!

Even though I'm not that good of a player, the piano quality is important to me. That is, the Nord "Grand Imperial" (Bdorf Lrg 5.3) is more than good enough for me.

Great forum you have here. I'll be in the corner reading in short sessions, otherwise my brain will explode. Messy.


  • While I don’t play live, I often connect my iPad to a keyboard and play ‘live’, usually songs I know or just noodling something around chord progressions or bass lines. It’s amazing how much flexibility it gives you compared to individual keyboards with self-contained sounds.

  • Welcome aboard !
    This forum is the best
    if you happen to own an apple product
    and are musician, or just a sound lover.

  • Post of the year!

  • Welcome! Enjoy!

  • @dogtone willkommen! Hand that is reminiscent of dog silhouette!

  • Thanks. iGot a newer iPad today. iBack down the hole!

  • Nice! Enjoy!

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