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Hi everyone! I am about to get my first iPad, and would like to get some suggestions on some great paid & free synths and DAWs (GarageBand not included, since it will already be available for download, or already on the iPad once I receive it.) I have decided to use Lemur to connect to my windows 10 computer, and I will be downloading all KORG software. I do have a question though. I noticed that Yamaha does have a few apps for the iPad, but does that mean that I actually and physically have to own a Yamaha synthesizer or workstation like the Yamaha GENOS system to run these apps? What about Roland?


  • Hi @ndiniz and welcome to our forum!

    There are many great DAWs on iOS already, can you be more specific about what you're looking for?

  • Welcome @ndiniz, you will no doubt get good feedback from fellow members here, but a little searching will also provide a vast amount of info on almost all subjects advice is similar to those walking through the casino gates; decide how much you're willing to spend, put it on the barrelhead, lock up your wallet. Good luck!

  • Welcome, mate!
    Your focus will be on producing on ios or just sketching stuff to send to your PC? or both?

    The yamaha ios stuff is not the best out there. Actually, when you think iOS, the little fish are better than the big fish, as a general note. One of it's apps (Synth book if i'm not wrong) is free to play with what you have, but if you connect a hardware synth, you can unlock extra stuff. Some people connected to synth in physical stores :lol:

    If you think of traditional (hardware) brands, Moog and Korg would be your go-to on ios
    But keep a look on the other devs, like Beepstreet, Bram Bos, Audiokit, Jim Pavloff, Kymatica, Klevgr, Zolotov, Apesoft, Yonac, Humbletune, Sugarbytes, Olympia, Virsyn, Audiodamage, Imaginando, Icegear, etc.

    Lots of these guys develop things with the ipad/iphone in mind and create some pretty awesome interfaces and workflows

  • Good to have you @ndiniz. AudioKit Synth1, Moog Model D (I think), SynthMasterPlayer (I think) are free and valuable. GarageBand, of course.

    I recommend WorldSynth for Middle Eastern sounds. Korg Module and BeatHawk for acoustic, Ravenscroft 275 best iOS piano, NeoSoulKeys 2 for EPs and the true deserted island app.. PureSynthPlatinum, whose inapps include BASSalicious and FMTines. Unfortunately, you have missed the Xmas sales.

  • My advice is watch as many videos as you can and accept the fact that you will pay $100 for apps you will regret or never use. But everything beyond the $100 will be amazing.

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    Hello. Hard to know what to advice not knowing what you’re into but generally Korg Gadget gets great reviews. If I was starting out that’s where I’d go first. Good luck.

  • While there’s a lot to get through, there are some great YouTube channels where you can get some in-depth reviews of particular apps.

    I’d recommend thesoundtestroom and Gavinski’s Tutorials for a start (both are forum members here too).

  • Once you’ve spent a few hundred, about a year or so later it is normal to buy SunVox and then conclude that you could’ve done everything on just that.

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    Welcome to the Forum!
    One thing to look out for is any apps you want to purchase are AUV3( Audio Unit version 3) and not IAA( Inter App Audio) as IAA is being phased out.

    Not really a DAW but buying AUM is one of the best purchases I have made on IPad.

    It's basically a virtual mixer where you can load all your AUV3 synths, AUV3 effects on their own separate channels. You can also connect your audio interface to your ipad and connect guitars, Mics etc via AUM. You can record into AUM but it's more of a sketch pad than a fully functional DAW.

  • Hi there.
    I think it really depends on what sort of music you are hoping to make?
    Roland has the Roland Zenbeats which you might like to have a look at. It has quite good inbuilt tutorials if I remember correctly.
    I don’t know about the Yamaha stuff. It’s not mentioned hardly at all round these here parts.

  • Hi @ndiniz welcome to AB forum. To echo what others have said ... you'll be looking to pick up a DAW or similar tool that allows multiple tracks\synths\effects to be used at once. I use AUM, as do many others here, and it has many great strengths, but for more familiar multi-tracking audio\MIDI environment something like Cubasis would be a better fit. It depends what kind of workflows (e.g. traditional sequencing, or live improvisation) you want to explore.

  • Howdy ,ThumbJam is a super app and syncs to GarageBand iOS

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