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Can any of you fine people help with my audio interface connectivity problem?

Hello all.

Reading through old forum posts on USB hubs that work, I recently purchased one of these in order to connect my PreSonus AudioBox iOne to my Ipad so I can get my microphone working in AUM

Problem is, it doesn't seem to work.

When I connect the audio interface into the camera adapter without the hub, it gives me the traditional "not enough power" warning (even though the interface is powered on it's own already). But when I plug in the hub and insert the interface cable into it (which according to past comments should work) nothing happens. I don't even get a 'not enough power' warning. The lights of the hub are on so I know it's working. But it doesn't seem to be feeding info from the interface to the ipad, or the ipad doesn't seem to be eating it.

I'm really scared about needing to buy dozens of different USB hubs over the next few months in order to find one that sticks. Can anyone please help me?

Thank you!!!


  • What iPad are you on? There are issues with newer iPads and non class compliant devices. You might want to see if your interface is mifi if you’re on a new iPad with usb c, long story short, I ended up having to by a new interface for my 2020 IPad Pro because the one I was using for years with my iPad Air2 didn’t work with it.

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    I am using the same usb hub with the Kingston Nucleus ( iPad pro 2018...i guess) Motu M2 audio interface. Everything runs great! I can't recommend enough the M-series from Motu.

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    @louis I think that is not a powered hub; it only gets power from the iPad. So it won't work any better than connecting the interface directly to the Camera Adapter. If you have the newer USB-3 Camera Adapter, with the extra Lightning power connector, it may work if you connect your charger to it.

    For true hub happiness, you need a powered USB hub, with its own power brick. Mine supplies 4 amps, plenty for anything. But you shouldn't need that just for your audio interface.

    Edit: You say the PreSonus AudioBox iOne is separately powered. But I only see one USB port on it, the squarish USB-B connector. I'm not sure what the USB-A connector on the back is for, but you won't be able to use it with a Camera Adapter or any USB hub. You would need to to connect the USB-B port to the hub with a "printer" cable; one probably came with the interface.

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    @Strizbiz I'm using an iiPad 2018 standard. And I have the power connector with the camera adapter plugged in, but it's the same result: nothing happens when I plug it in. It's strange that it works for @Sergiu but according to @uncledave only powered usb hubs will work. I don't mind getting a powered usb hub, but it seems like they all require a wall plug. I only want to be relying on batteries. Are there any powered usb hubs that I can power with cheapo phone usb batteries?

  • @louis First, does your interface work when you use the iPad Lightning-USB cable connected to the "Device" port on the back of the interface? According to the manual, it should work with the limited power from the iPad.

    Second, it ought to work using your Camera Adapter, with power, connected to the USB/Power port on the interface. If that works, you can certainly find USB battery packs to power the Camera Adapter.

    Please report exactly what happens with each of these configurations.

    Are you trying to use a USB hub so you can run other devices as well?

  • Example of a powering a hub using a usb power bank:

  • heshes
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    @louis said:
    . . . I don't mind getting a powered usb hub, but it seems like they all require a wall plug. I only want to be relying on batteries. Are there any powered usb hubs that I can power with cheapo phone usb batteries?

    Instead of rolling your solution like in youtube video I linked above, you might think about ordering a special made cable from They sell some cables made to power some specific usb hub models from portable usb chargers. I don't have any of these but I've had good experiences with myvolts. You can also find their products on Amazon. They list their cables and the specific usb hub models on this page, you would be interested in the 5V usb hub models:

  • @louis You absolutely need a powered hub. which is why your current configuration isn't working. And Yes... you can use one with a portable USB battery no problem. @hes 's suggestion of is great. they make specific cables for every possible battery/power situation.

    In the cases when you're stationary and you're already tethered to the wall by your interface needing power (and the iPad needing to charge at some point) ...all these can just plug into the hub to receive power only one thing needs to plug into the wall. ::: Or battery. Just make sure to get something somewhat substantial that has enough mA to power everything.

  • I use the 10-port version of this Anker hub with my iPad / interface :

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    Deleted, I think I'm just repeating what has already been said.

  • Kingston nucleum is wall powered.

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    I made this battery powered Frankenstein usb 2 hub the other day, a triumph of lockdown engineering without a single rubber band in sight. 8 years in the making and all that time waiting for an elegant commercial alternative that’s never come.

    I nearly blew it up because the hub had an unexpected negative tip on the power plug... but despite a brief puff of smoke all seems ok. I’m a big fan of a big on/off switch.

    @Louis you should be able to power just about all 5v powered usb hubs with a USB battery. Worth going for one with at least 2A output, make sure the polarity of any cable you use matches the original power supply.

    +1 @hes I’ve a few myVolts cables for devices that need a voltage change to run off a USB battery, very impressed by them.

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