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Eventide Blackhole Reverb Pedal: MIDI Control in apeMatrix - Daveypoo, The Mobile Music Minstrel

We've got the new Blackhole Reverb PEDAL in the house!!!

Today I set up full MIDI control of the pedal using apeMatrix's built in AUv3 apps!


  • I missed this one... is it good?

  • The video or the pedal?

    The video - meh.

    The pedal - yeah!

  • McDMcD
    edited January 14

    Hardware? Oh no... I like "OT" in the title. There are costs to hardware that I'm eager to avoid:

    Product cost
    Storage/Studio Management expense
    RTFM effort (I'll get I could just spin the dials on this baby and get something cool).

    Oh no... And I didn't even watch and hear it yet.

    Maybe there's some value in the MIDI inter-op lesson here? Anyone want to weigh in?

    (Strymon BlueSky comparisons?)

  • Damn... it's looks like i'll have to watch this video to get a decent review.
    I'm disappointed in the support here, folks. If I end buying a hardware pedal I'll
    hold you all accountable.

  • If it's a question of pedal vs app, that's a no brainer: unless you're gigging, use the app.

    But definitely watch the video.

  • You really think I should?

    I'll sleep on it... or wait for a 2nd opinion.

  • Been sat on the fence for a couple of months over the pedal... your vid may have convinced me.

  • @enc said:
    Been sat on the fence for a couple of months over the pedal... your vid may have convinced me.

    You won't regret it...

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