Nlog synth in fx slot problem

Ok , so I'm trying to record some Rebith loops in Loopy HD . Everything works fine until I insert Nlog synth pro into the FX slot , then the output from Rebirth stops !! There doesn't seem to be any obvious settings in Nlog to choose an input source or anything - guess I've missed something - can anyone help ?


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    I yesterday found that there are some settings in the effects of NLog MIDI Synth (and probably the pro version as well) that can actually kill sound output. If possible, can you contact Rolf (he makes NLog) about this directly and try to figure this out with him? I really am not able to give support for NLog on that level because it's not our app.

    Here's his contact website:

    Also, in case you figure this out, could you write me a mail to sebastian at audiob dot us so I know what caused this?

  • Problem solved - In Nlog the Dry slider control of the reverb was turned all the way down - This kills the sound - it needs to be turned up :-)

  • I was personally having the issues sebastion mentioned. Nlog pro would crash out I the app when I was attempting to use it as an effect. Anytime I pressed a key or tried to adjust anything in nlog it would crash nlog and it would come back up as "zzz" in the effects slot.

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