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App Like Radio Unit but with a twist?

Howdy devs and dabblers alike. As I was just starting to tap into the potential of Radio Unit, it occurred to me that we could have a lot of fun with podcasts as well. I searched far and wide and haven’t found anything that takes a Podcast’s standard RSS feed to create the top of an audio chain on a host like Audiobus, AUM or Drambo. I guess the first major difference would be that podcasts by nature aren’t a streaming broadcast (in that you may stream a podcast but it’s not autonomously running for you to capture like the streams in Radio Unit). therefore, using this app would require some type of inner transport to scrub the timeline for a desired section. Would anybody else be interested in helping to develop something like this or more importantly would anybody use this AU? Or would tiding a RSS AUV3 be more trouble than it’s worth, making file player on AUM or AudioShare transport a more sane choice?

Mock-ups below.



  • Yes, and…

    Something it makes me think about is the work done on podcast clients (what we used to call “podcatchers”). Some of these could use plugins. Plus, podcast producers could benefit from a plugin ecosystem, especially now that an iPad is becoming a more than decent machine for podcasting.
    I’ve been half-surprised that Marco Arment (Overcast and Forecast) never mentions AU plugins on ATP or Under the Radar, even though he clearly spends quite a bit of time in CoreAudio.

    So, count me in! I’d surely experiment with something like this. Podcasts do work through streaming (that’s how I use Overcast). And a few podcasts even have chapter markers, which could be quite useful here. Once you have this kind of plugin, you’re likely to start experimenting with new ways to podcast.

    My sense is that some devs and dabblers might get interested, but it’s even better if you reach through the whole ecosystem, including podcast producers and even sponsors!

    This is just the kind of idea that we could transform into a project and then an actual plugin, if we had some type of “coop” or “lab”.


  • Thanks for your encouragement, Alexandre. We will be in touch.

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    I’d be interested in using it for sure, unfortunately not a developer so can’t help there.

  • @Poppadocrock said:
    I’d be interested in using it for sure, unfortunately not a developer so can’t help there.

    Where the demand is, so goes the development!

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    Looks cool.

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