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Routing audio to separate outputs on iRig 2


I use an iRig2 with an iPod Touch through the headphone jack. I run the Tonebridge app for guitar effects and I play backing tracks with the built-in Music app. I would like to route ONLY the backing track music through the stereo headphone output and ONLY the processed guitar sounds through the 1/4" amplifier output jack.

Not sure if this is even possible with the iRig 2 (I posted this same question on the IK forums as well to see if this device even can support this) but I figured I'd ask this question here too since this app sounds relevant to what I am trying to do.

I want to do this because it is convenient to have all my backing tracks and guitar effects on a single small device and be able to play the backing track audio through the stereo input of my Roland Cube amp whilst being able to play the processed guitar sounds through the guitar channel of my amp so that I can also add amp effects to the signal before it comes out of the speaker.

Right now I have to turn off all of my amp's effects when I'm playing along to backing tracks because adding delays, choruses, reverbs, etc. to the backing track audio + the guitar sounds doesn't sound right as you can imagine.

Thanks for any guidance you can provide!


  • Hi Erik,

    First, you'll find that this forum is a lot bigger than just the AudioBus app. Folks here know a lot about every aspect of iOS music making, including processing connected guitars.

    Second, I think you're out of luck here. The iRig2 is an audio (not digital) device, connected to the iPhone headphone jack. So it sends audio input to the iPhone using the mic input, and receives audio output using the headphone connection. It routes the audio to its headphone and amp ports. But there's only one audio stream, not two. Once they're mixed in the iPhone headphone output, you cannot separate them.

  • Don’t think that would be possible. The iRig will either pass the dry signal from your guitar straight through without any processing or output the same exact thing the headphone output is getting. There’s no way to route processed audio to one and not the other.

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