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Thumbjam in Auria

edited February 2013 in App Tips and Tricks

Hello Everybody !
It's been a long time I follow this forum, great place for a great application...
I jumped on the bus yesterday and bought the app, and I have a problem to record Thumbjam in Auria...
It worked perfectly with Drumjam but not with Thumbjam...
Could you help me with the procedure to follow?
Thanks by advance to Everybody!


  • At which point does it 'not work' anymore in comparison to DrumJam?

  • edited February 2013

    Did TJ not work at all (or did it work a little but not properly)?

    The procedure is the same for TJ as it is with DJ.

    Also, please describe your setup (eg iPad3, 16GB / iOS v6.1.2 / Auria v1.06 / ThumbJam v2.2).

  • Hi Sebastian and Washboy, thanks for for your rapid answer.
    There's no sound in TJ when the 2 apps are connected and Auria ready to record.
    Perhaps I did something wrong ( well certainly)
    Is there anything particular to care in the settings of TJ ?
    In Auria Audiobus, is checked... Gonna verify again if I put the imput matrix correctly ( will be able to verify later when I got home)
    Thanks again .

  • Ok I managed to make it working...
    It was the imput matrix in Auria who wasn't correctly connected....
    Sorry for the post....
    Thanks again.

  • Glad you're up and running. TJ and Auria are both amazing apps. :)

  • Good to know! :)

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